Thursday, December 4, 2008


I am surprised at Yankees' decisions of not offering arbitration to Abreu. It takes me couple of days to determine my opinion. I understand why Yankees don't offer arbitration to I-Rod and Pettitte, but I still believe Abreu can get a multi-year contract from someone. However, Yankees front office certainly know the market better than fans. Not to mention there are quite few options available for corner outfielders.

I believe Pettitte will be back and sign with Yankees at 12-13 million during winter meeting. As for I-Rod, Yankees don't need a third catcher at an expensive price who is not suitable for them and many pitchers on the team don't want to pitch to him. I believe Posada will recover from his injury. There is a chance I-Rod will accept arbitation to get a one year deal with high salary and try to play well in order to go back to free agent market next season. If Yankees pay that kind of salary to him, there is no chance they don't play him and put him on the bench. Not to mention, Molina and Posada probably won't be happy about that.

The same goes to Abreu. He may be willing to accept a one year deal at 16-18 million and go back to free agent market next year instead of signing a multi-year deal with much lower price. Not to mention he loves to play for Yankees and hit in front of A-Rod certainly help him as well.

I really think Brian Cashman will keep doing what he has been done which is getting younger. The plan for Yankees this off-season is to improve their pitching and defense which I agree with. Nady may not put up Abreu-like number, but his defense certainly close that gap. Yankees offense should be fine if Posada and Matsui are healthy and Jeter, Cano and A-Rod have a bound back year. Swisher may not match Giambi-like number, but his defense on first base certainly close that gap as well. Not to mention Nady and Swisher have chances to match Abreu and Giambi' numbers.

Don't underestimate the importance of budget. I was a producer for documentaries, music videos, plays, films and was part of production team for TV programs. Some of them I have bigger budgets, others are at small budgets. Not matter how much money I have, I need to allocate money and resources to different areas in production. Of course, I have to go through with all pre-production meetings with the whole production teams to determine our focus and allocate money and resources. Not to mention I never decide to spend all the money I have because you never know what will happen during production and post-production.

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