Monday, December 29, 2008

What is next now for Yankees?

I believe most people are thinking about the coming new year during this Christmas holidays. What about Yankees' new season? What is next now for Yankees?

I think Yankees' focus now should be on their bench guys and a veteran starter at one year deal as no.4 starter. What else they need to do? In my opinion, they can do more, but they don't have to. If they want to, they can explode the possibility of getting a good young center fielder and an excellent setup man for Mo by trade.



"Hughes, Kennedy Headed For Scranton"
search:"IronPigs Stomp Yankees"

Jessica Lee said...

Yankees will need them at some points of 2009 season anyway.

MJB said...

I think the Yankees are fine as they are. Any move they make now is icing on the cake.

To combine this comment with your last post...I think a guy like Chone Figgins is a great idea, he'd make a great bench player. But Wang? that is crazy. I consider Wang the staff Ace. CC will have to perform (in NY, for the Yankees) to reach #1 status with Wang. The order of the rotation isn't that important for the top 3 anyway, they usually never get skipped...and "#1" doesn't always face the other team's "#1" etc.

Also, Figgins is much better than a bench player, he's a unless they trade Cano or A-rod, there is no room for Figgins. I thought Figgins would be a guy they could get had they not extended A-rod. But A-rod is a Yankee forever now, so I don't see Figgins coming.

Whats next? CF is the only move I can see them possibly trying to upgrade through trade. But who? and at what cost? I don't think they get a good young CF for Melky (who already is a good young CF). Also, people seem to think Jackson can start next year (2010)....I'll believe it when I see it.

I think the pen is solid enough and they have tons of young arms (Melancon, Coke, Roberston, Cox). Especially if Joba moves back to pen....which is what I think will happen after his 2009 injury (whatever that may be). Then Hughes can come up from the minors, or Aceves if Hughes is already up (if Andy is not back). There are other guys down there too that I would bring up before Kennedy. I know its too early to call him a bust, but I think Kennedy will never be a major league pitcher for the Yankees.

I think Ironpigpen is just trying to advertise his blog. His comments make no sense.

Jessica Lee said...

That's why I think Ironpigpen do that, but I am sometimes are afraid of misunderstanding what people try to say because of my English.

I agree with you on Chone Figgins. When a player is good enough to be a starter on other team, they are not coming to be on bench for Yankees.

I also agree with you the number of the rotation isn't important at all. Wang said this is not important to him as well. His job is going out to pitch every 5 days and does his job. I just think it's kind of dumb for pitching coach to rank them. I will put them on the order that are best for Yankees.

I don't care much people think whether Wang is an ace or not. I just feel it's absurd to think everyone can replace Wang. Giving credit or respect to Wang he deserves is not asking a lot in my opinion.

I am with you on Austin Jackson. Prospects are still prospects before they prove they are major leaguers.

Jessica Lee said...

by the way, MJB.

I just went to your blog. Those photos are so cool. I haven't read the contents on your blog yet. I am going to follow them.