Saturday, December 6, 2008

My prediction for 2009 roster

1. Yankees will sign two free agent starting pitchers to go with Pettitte. Hopefully, The rotation(5) will be as follow,

Joba(R)-No.5-Innings limitation
Hughes, Kennedy or Aceves wait on AAA
Aceves or Giese as a long man or spot starter in the bullpen

2. Yankees sign one impact bat to protect A-Rod. Someone has to sit on the bench. Hopefully, the lineup(9) will be as follow,

Damon LF/CF/DH(L)
Jeter SS(R)
A-Rod 3B(R)
Manny LF/DH(R)
Matsui LF/DH(L)
Posada C/1B(S)
Cano 2B(L)
Swisher/Nady 1B/CF/RF(S/R)
Melky/Gardner CF/LF/RF(S/L)

Cody Ransom

3. Bullpen(7) is set as follows,

Marte(Setup man)
Coke(Lefty specialist)
Burney.Veras.Edwar(6.7th inning)
Aceves/ Giese(Long man/spot starter)


Anonymous said...

I don't think Pettitte is a number 3 starter any longer. But I agree with his retention. I would prefer that Hughes, and Kennedy would earn rotation spots this year, leave Joba to the 7th and 8th innings, where he has extreme value as a shut down/dominant late innings reliever. I would then sign Oliver Perez to replace Pettitte down the road, and take a risk on either Burnett or Sheets OR just sign CC and a lesser free agent that is out of the headlines, or maybe via trade.

My rotation is:

Hughes or Kennedy or Aceves

This team has a seemingly unlimited supply of talented young arms in the minor league all of a sudden.
They all will see time in my view of things, either due to injury, or ineffectiveness.

Your line-up is so vast, and amorphous, that I don't really feel like commenting on it!

ps, I sent you a message on facebook

Jessica Lee said...

The reason I put Pettitte on No.3 spot because he is a lefty. It sounds good to go L-R-L-R-R rotation. I don't mind to put Pettitte down to No.4.

It seems injury always happen in every season. I think we will see Hughes and Kennedy pitching in the major at some point in 2009 season.

I will put Joba in rotation as a no.5 starter to keep his innings intact. We need to increase his inning to around 150 innings this coming season. From what I saw from Joba, he will be a dominant ACE we need if he stays healthy. If Joba has problem of workload as a starter in 2009 season again, I will reconsider to have a Joba as Mo's successor. Otherwise, I believe we will be able to find one dominant set up man or Mo's succssor from our farm system.

I still think Yankees will get CC. However, no matter how happen to CC, Yankees will get two free agent starting pitchers to go with Pettitte. If CC sign with others, Yankees probably will go hard Burnett and Lowe. Be honest, for starting pitchers, I hope Yankees can get CC and Pettitte. I don't care who Yankees signs among Burnett, Sheets, Lowe and Perez for the last spot in the rotation.

For my starting lineup, it will be those 11 players to rotate 9 spots. It's up to Girardi to work out that plan to make everyone happy.

Jessica Lee said...

Actually, it will be 10 players for 9 spots. One of Melky and Gardner will be on the bench.