Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yankees and Wang avoid arbitration

Yankees sign Wang a one year contract for 5 million to avoid arbitration which is a smart move by Yankees. There is no need to go into arbitration again with Wang two years in a row. It was stupid enough for Yankees to go into arbitration with Wang last time when Yankees gave Cano a multi-years contract and sent out celebration of winning arbitration from team president. Not to going into arbitration again when giving out huge contracts to CC and Burnett and planning to let him pitch in no.3 spot is a smart move.

I understand why Yankees don't want to give Wang a multi-years contract. I just feel there is no need to go into arbitration for a small difference.

From a Yankees fan and team perspectives, I actually think Yankees should give Wang a multi-year contract this off-season. With each year passing by, it gets more and more difficult to sign Wang a multi-years contract. Wang makes it very clearly he wants to stay with Yankees forever if he can and he shows us he can pitch in New York with great personality on and off field. If we sign him this off-season, it will be a contract at a extreme bargain price for a pitcher like him. We may be able to get few options for first couple of free agency.

On top of that, we don't need to give him a no trade clause. If one day we want to trade him, we will be able to get a great package because of friendly team contract. I understand the relatively risk to sign a multi-years contract with a pitcher. But, every pitcher get hurt and it's not easy to get a good pitcher. I also understand there are many pitching prospects in Yankees farm system, but you never know what will happen to prospects. Not so many can become as good as Wang is. Not to mention many teams will lock their young stud pitchers earlier and there are not too many stud pitchers becoming free agents.

From a Taiwanese perspective, it's fine for me Yankees go year to year with Wang. Wang will become free agent at age 31 which will be the same season CC has his opt-out clause. This certainly can create some leverage for Wang. I don't think Yankees can afford to lose both of them in the same off-season. It certainly is better for Wang to enter free agent market at age 31 instead of age 33 if he sign a multi-year contract with options for first couple of free agency now.

If A.J can get a 5 years deal for 82.5 million at the same age Wang will become free agent, Wang certainly can get a better deal than that. Not to mention, the economy may become better 3 year later. On top of that, Wang can get a no trade clause to control the place he wants to go once Yankees want to trade him.

In the end, I think Yankees concern about Wang's shoulder. I believe Wang will be willing to sign a multi-years contract with Yankees at a bargain price after 2009 season even if he has a great 2009 season. If money is the most important thing for Wang, Boras will be his agent and he will take commercials as many as possible. Wang takes so few commercials every off-season in Taiwan and focuses on training and charity events more.


Anonymous said...

Its clearly a bad bargaining position to be in once you state that you'd like to remain in pinstripes. Brian Cashman will then proceed to low ball you. A-Rod, Mariano, Posada, Sabbathia.. they all played it right. Wang should learn how to separate with business dealings. I would never get upset with a player trying to get his market value. Wang is a 15 million dollar pitcher at minimum. I don't get it.

Jessica Lee said...

I am with you. Under most circumstances, I don't mind players try to get most out of their career, especially when you consider athletes have short career.

Money is always not the most important thing for a lot of Taiwanese. My mother gave up a huge signing bonus from other rival company to stay with her company which she likes a lot. I took much less salary to do the job I like. Doing the job you like or Staying with the environment you enjoy play a big role on many decisions for a lot of Taiwanese.

Of course, everyone needs money in order to survive. However, I believe people can enjoy their life without a lot of money.

Most Taiwanese know what Wang wants. He wants to pitch until 38 year old and travel around the world with his wife. After that, he wants to help people and teach children playing baseball. Wang really likes to play baseball and play for Yankees. Few weeks ago, Wang revealed he hopes he is able to earn 12 million one day.

When Wang signed with Yankees back to 2000, he got higher offers from other teams. In the end, Wang chooses to sign with Yankees because he enjoys watching Clemens pitching.

I think you guys are so used to see players coming and going. For me, it's not that easy. Of course, players always can play that free agent game and say it's possibility to sign with any team. But, do you really believe Mo, Posada and Jeter will sign with other teams?

One thing about Yankees I know for sure. If that player Yankees want, Yankees pay well or at least above market value. So, If the money is not most important thing for that player, they certainly can choose to accept great deal from Yankees and stay with Yankees.