Thursday, December 11, 2008

CC is a Yankees

Somehow I decided to wake up at 1 am in Sydney and found out Yankees will get their man, CC. When there were tons of rumors flying around earlier, I told you Yankees would get CC eventually. No matter what this deal will turn out to be, this is the moment why so many fans from other teams hate Yankees and some are so jealous. Fortunately for Yankees fans, We have an owner is willing to put money back to field for winning and making more money(Of course).

I will tell this. Don't care about people say how insane this deal is and how bad this deal may turn out to be. If CC help us to win at least 1 Championship within next 7 year. Yankees get their money worthy.

Welcome to Yankees, CC. You will like here, especially crazy Yankees fans.

Updated: If CC did get an opt-out clause after 2011 from Yankees, I don't mind. If CC really doesn't like here after 3 years, then let him go. Yankees always have money to pay him if CC wants to use opt-out clause to get more money which is hard to image. Keep in mind one thing. After 2011 season, Wang, Cain and Verlander will be a free agent. Not to mention we have tons of young pitching prospects in our farm system.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't give Burnett a second look. He's overrated and overpriced. That isn't to say he's a bad pitcher or that I wouldn't want him at a lesser price, but he is not an ace.

Sheets, when healthy is one of the best pitchers in baseball. With Maddux retiring, I think it's safe to say Sheets has the best control of any active pitcher. He's a complete crapshoot, however. A healthy Sheets can give you 6-8 complete games a season. The Sheets we've been seeing lately is just as inclined to come out in the third inning with a bad [back, neck, arm, eyebrow, etc.]. I would certainly take him for a short term deal, but as good as he can be, anything long-term is a major risk. The caveat would be if Cashman could work out an incentive or option deal, where the Yankees would pay him a low base, but scale up depending on the number of IP or GS.

I wouldn't be upset with either Lowe or Pettitte for a one-year deal. All else being equal, of course, I'd take Pettitte.

What I'd really like to see them do next is drop out of the Teixeira race and spend a lot less money on Adam Dunn. Everybody looks at the strikeouts, but he's a classic "three true outcome" guy. His defense borders on ugly, but his offense is as good as you'll get short of Teixeira, but without the hefty price tag.

One more every day outfielder would be nice (and some solid backups).

Jessica Lee said...

That's why I put Burnett and Sheets as a group and Lowe and Pettitte as a group. I don't think we can get Lowe at a short term deal. That's why I prefer Pettitte. I always have a soft spot for Pettitte. My decision may not be rational. However, another good thing about signing Pettitte over Lowe is we don't have to give up draft pick.

I prefer Sheets because the deal to him will be shorter than Burnett.

I have another post regard of Teixeira earlier. you can check it out. Once Yankees get CC, I don't think Yankees will be in Teixeira's sweepstakes. I believe Yankees only will be in to drive up Red Sox or Angels' price.

When all said and done, Yankees should get an impact bat to protect A-Rod. The more I think about it, the more I think Manny will be a good fit as long as we can get him for 3 year deal at maxium. Not to mention Manny certainly can bring more fans and media to ball park.