Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!

I am a little bit under the weather today. That's why I have to cancel my plan of watching fireworks outdoor and replace that with indoor firework show. Of course, that means I watch fireworks on TV. Happy New Year and Have a great 2009, everyone.

How about making a wish related to Yankees for 2009? I left mine in the comment section.


Jessica Lee said...

I hope there is no major injury to key Yankees players in 2009 and every rehab players recover well from their 2008 injuries. This is my wish every year. I hope this is the year coming true.

Let's Go Yankees!

Anonymous said...

First, I hope you feel better. ;)

After that, I just hope for consistency. I don't need the offense to score 12 runs a game or the pitchers to throw shutouts three nights a week. I just want all the facets of the team (not necessarily the individual players, but the offense, defense, and pitching as a whole) to perform at a reasonable level throughout the season.

Anonymous said...

get well soon!

I hope CF is split between Gardner, and Melky. I hope Abreu is re-signed. I hope 2 of Nady/Matsui/Damon/Swisher are traded for someone like Sanchez out of SF, or another sort of high rish, high reward prospect. Someone to compete for the 5th spot, but without too high a payroll.

My Depth chart

LF:Damon, Swisher
RF:Abreu Nady

Jessica Lee said...

Thanks, everyone.

My illness of the last day of 2008 is just like the 2008 yankees(too many injuries). I feel much better today.

Consistency is another good answer.

I always have a soft spot for Matsui because we all from Asian countries. I also respect his personality very much. I hope and I think he will be able to play well in the last year of contract in Yankees.

I don't think they need to trade any of 4 outfielders given how many injuries they had for past few years. Of course, this assumes they don't sign Manny.

Yankees should just bring back Pettitte and upgrade their bench. If they want to do more, they can upgrade center fielder and a set up man.

I don't think Yankees will bring back Abreu given how many outfielders they have. On top of that, they really want to upgrade defense.

If I have to guess now, I don't think Yankees will trade Damon and Swisher who I like and I hope he can stay.

Damon is their leadoff man. I even think there is a possibility Yankees bring back Damon for a short term deal after 2009 season.

If they let Matsui,Damon and Nady go after 2009, Swisher is only outfielder they have under a reasonable contract. Swisher is extremely unlucky in 2008. I believe he will be good for us. He also can give Teixeira a rest once a while.

I don't think we can get much return for Matsui. It may be better for us to keep him and I think he will have a his typical Matsui-like year when he is healthy.

They only possibility of trading out of 4 outfielders is Nady which is one year away from free agent. He is also relatively cheap for a lot of teams. Not to mention he is young and can bring some draft picks if he leave after 2009 season.

In my opinion, why trade them if you can create good competition among them and give Girardi a good bench to use?