Thursday, December 25, 2008

Blockbuster vs Art Movies or small budget films

I know there are a lot of fans from other teams complaining the way Yankees spend money, including some experts. They talk about fairness and balance in the competition.

The bottom line is this does not guarantee Yankees win it all. Baseball is a sport that plays on the field, not on the paper.

Yankees fans have owners are willing to spend money to win ballgame instead of putting in their own pockets. There are tons of owners of a lot of small or middle teams putting money in their pockets. This is much worse than what Yankees have done.

My mother always tell me to keep adding and creating values to myself that can be used by someone in the society in order to survive. If I don't and then I can't survive in the society, it's my fault. The same thing goes to this whole issue. Every baseball team need to find their own business models in order to operate a successful franchise. If you can't, it's your fault. Don't blame other people. Taiwanese always believe one thing: If something go wrong in your life, you need to figure out what is wrong with yourself, not other people.

The best comparison I can come up with is from my profession. As a producer of blockbuster films certainly operate different budget to a producer of Art movies or small budget films. In the end is about products you produce. Of course, When you have bigger budget, you are able to have superstars in your film. But, does it make your film become better automatically? Of course not. How many time you have watched some bad movies acted by some superstars and box office of those movies are so terrible? When you have bigger budget, it is more difficult to make profits, isn't it?

One more thing. Please remember one thing. When Rays kept winning in 2008 season, did they fill up their ball park every night or most of night? there is the difference between big market team and small market team. Because they don't have the same attendance as big market teams like Yankees, they don't operate the same way as Yankees.

By the way, If we win championship in 2009, please don't say we just buy one. We have a lot of players from our farm system on the team as well.

Updated: I saw people discuss this issue in one Taiwanese baseball website. One Taiwanese said one thing I agree with. He said "I think what Yankees do is good for economy because someone still invest money in this bad economy". It sounds a good argument for me, right?

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