Friday, December 5, 2008

Manny vs Teixeira

I know Yankees' focus this off-season is getting younger and improving pitching and defense. However, I do think Yankees will add an impact bat to protect A-Rod. The more I think about it, the more I think Manny will be a better fit to Yankees than Teixeira as long as we can get Manny for 3 years deal at maximum.

First of all, I know everyone will question Manny's attitude. As I discussed this on other post earlier, Manny and Red Sox front office are only persons know the true story. Even though all stories about Manny are true, I believe Yankees can set up the rules with Manny when they talk about contracts.

This probably may be Manny's final deal. I believe players care about their legacy, including Manny. On top of that, A-Rod certainly will be a good companion for Manny. They are not only good friends but also they can motivate each other and create good competition among them.

When Manny was a Yankees fan when he grow up near Yankees stadium, I believe Manny will love to torture Red Sox after all things happened between him and Red Sox. Because of his personality and his performance on Red Sox, I believe he can handle the pressure of playing in New York. Don't forget. Damon will help Manny to transit well in New York. Not to mention Manny in NYY not only bring more fans to ball park but also attract more media and create more coverages.

On the field, Manny certainly can give Yankees an impact bat to protect A-Rod. I know Manny is getting old. However, for a three year deal, I believe he can perform well during the span. I know Manny's defense is not good, but it's not terrible. After Matsui and Damon's contract expire after 2009 season, we can put Manny in left field and share DH spot with Posada at the last two years of their contracts or put Swisher to one of corner outfielders' position, Posada at first base and Manny at DH spot.

For 2009 season, I believe Joe Girardi can figure out a plan to rotate Manny, Damon, Matsui, Melky/Gardner, Posada(if he needs time away from catcher position), Swisher, Nady on all outfielder, first base and DH spots well.

Jeter and A-Rod eventually will need to move their positions to first base, DH or corner outfielder(in Jeter's case). That's why it's better not to give out 8-10 years contract to Teixeira and tie up first base position to him.


Anonymous said...

I love 'Manny' his theatrics, and his talents are fun to watch. The NY stage, and a boston rivalry will only enhance that.Manny IS great. But he won't be great for much longer..Maybe a couple of years. You could argue that you will get far more value out of an 8 year deal with Teixeira. I don't think Manny is Moose, I'm not sure he gives a crap about legacies.. Also I had no idea that A-Rod and Manny were buddies..where on earth did you hear that? Tex Should be at first for the next decade, I would argue. You can't keep allowing your players to get old under their contracts, and plan to put them elsewhere when they can no longer play the position defensively. If they hurt you defensively, then it often negates what the contribute offensively. Therefore, its pointless to me to reserve first base and DH. Cashman is going younger. He was very shrewd with Bernie, why will anyone else get mercy? I don't think Girardi is savvy enough to manage his platoons.. thats what opened up a rift between he and Damon last year, don't you remember?

Jessica Lee said...

I have read many news and watched some clips that indicate Manny and A-Rod are buddies. I remember A-Rod show up in Manny's 500 homerun video to congrat him.

I know Manny is getting old. That's why I say Yankees can't offer him more than 3 year deal at maximum. After 2009 season, Yankees can put Manny on DH spot after Damon and Matsui's contracts expire, so Manny's defense won't hurt us.

I know the story regard of Bernie, but Jeter and A-Rod are different stories. What Jeter means to Yankees is in different level. I don't think they will let Jeter play for others. As for A-Rod, I don't think someone will take A-Rod's 10 year contract out of our hands.

Manny is not young any more. If Giardi talk to Manny properly in advance, let Manny rest once a week is not a bad thing at all. Even though Manny want to be in the lineup everyday, I don't think there is a problem between DH and Left fielder.

I believe Girardi will improve next season based on the experience he has from 2008 season.

I don't think Yankees will throw out two big contracts to CC and Teixeira at the same off-season. In my opinion, Shorter deals are always better than long term deals. 3 years deal is better than 8-10 years deals in my opinion. Not to mention, roster flexibility comes along with 3 years deal.

Anonymous said...

Bernie was arguably a better player, and bigger piece of the dynasty than was Jeter. I am fully prepared to take up that debate if you'd like ;)

I will concede the A-Rod, Manny friendship, I trust you, I didn't mean to come off disagreeable this morning. sorry

I prefer Teixeira over Sabbathia if there was a gun to my head. Teixeira is next to Pujols, and Berkman as elite offensive/defensive machines. These guys may make the Hall some day.

The infield would be the best offensive infield that I could recall. And he would be able to impact every single game, at the same cost of Sabbathia. Whereas the latter would influence a fraction of the games, at the same cost.

I think our problem was offense last year, and we are losing right now 2 of the most productive offensive players in baseball in Abreu, and Giambi. The minor leagues of the Yankees are fertile with talent, I say let the youth movement continue.

Have you been disappointed thus far by Coke, and Chamberlain, and Giese, and Bruney, and Hughes, and Ramirez, and Aceves? Not often.

We however CAN NOT seem to be able to produce position players, while there are always pitchers on the market. Such as Peavy. We should get him instead of Sabbathia, they equally hate NY, I think.

Jessica Lee said...

Don't worry. I like discussions with readers. It's impossible for us to agree on everything with each other.

I am not prepared to argue with you regard of Bernie and Jeter's issue. As you know, I become a Yankees fan in 2005 when I was studying film school in LA. You certainly know Yankees better than me in this department. In fact, Would you mind to write me a post to my email regard of the impact of Jeter and Bernie to Yankees' dynasty. I would like to post that post on my blog to share with other readers under your name. Don't worry. I won't modify anything. Let me know what you think.

My post regard of Manny vs Teixeira is based on the assumption of signing CC. I do believe Yankees will go after Teixeira if they don't get CC.

Jessica Lee said...

If you ask Asian people, most Asian people will choose pitching/defense over offense. I will choose CC over Teixeira.

I do agree with you offense was one of factors of missing playoffs. However, I think pitching was the problem last year. I believe pitching plays a big role on offense performance. When Wang and Joba on the mound, Yankees offense will have less pressure to produce and leads to better performance because they know they don't have to score tons of runs in order to win. On top of that, The number of RISP was extremely bad last year. I do think that number will improve this season.

I actually think there are always position players available on the market. The pitcher like CC rarely is available.

The problem with Peavy is we need to pay him CC-like money and prospects to get him. Not to mention CC proves he can pitch in AL with less injury history.

Anonymous said...

I'd be honored to help shed a little light on the dynasty era. I was in elementary school during the years of the dynasty, but I'd be happy to recount what I could, and piece a little bit together from other sources. I'll get back to you during my Christmas break k?

Hmm... thats interesting about the Asian/Pitching-Defense correlation you made. Is that by choice, or out of necessity? You can make silhouettes of Asian and American ballplayers and you would not mistake one group for the other. You know what I mean? Artificially enhanced or not.. American ball players have been pretty huge in this last couple of decades, and there has been a de-emphasis on pitching and defense. But most recently, there has been a refocus on this strategy, as the "steroid-era" is hopefully coming to a close.

Jessica Lee said...

No problem. No matter how many times you need, I will wait for your piece.

Interesting point from you. I think I said this before on my blog. When was asked the difference between American baseball and Asian baseball, Ichiro said we play to prevent other teams to score in Asian countries and American baseball play to score more runs than other teams.

It may be out of necessity. In Asian countries, we don't produce many power hitters because of body type. That being said, more ball players want to be a pitcher instead of hitter. Fans always focus on pitching and defense more than offense.