Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pull off offer to CC? Are you kidding me?

During rumors flied around, I laughed at the idea pull off the offer to CC or set up a deadline when many Yankees fans or experts were pissed off CC's action which he didn't accept Yankees' offer immediately. Someone even said Yankees were being used and they embarrassed themselves.

I agree with the idea which let the player go if the player don't want to be here no matter how good he is. That being said, Both parties during negotiation need to know their positions. Even though CC really doesn't want to be a Yankees and use Yankees' offer to get Californian teams involved, Does do Yankees any good to pull off their offer to CC?

Of course not. First of all, some people just don't like to be forced to do or accept something. I remember I had a self-study section at junior high school and teacher asked us to study maths. Do you guys know what did I study? Originally, I was planning to study maths, but I decided to study history once teacher forced us to study maths.

Secondly, What do you think agents for Burnett, Sheets and Lowe will react when they heard Yankees pull off the offer to CC? They won't be in a hurry to help out Yankees. Instead, they may just ask for more years and more money. That's why Yankees couldn't pull off their offer or set up a deadline officially even though they know they are being used.


Anonymous said...

when does the reaction spending stop? I don't like this. I'm hearing Rumors of Sheets, Burnett, Ramirez, Hall, Teixeira, Cameron. All from credible sources.. I think its frivolous, and irresponsible. This formula has been proven wrong already. What happened to the youth movement Jessica?

Anonymous said...

I think the issue is that they really don't have farm options for the rotation or 1B. The OF options are not going to be ready soon enough.

That said, there's still no reason to throw away money on guys like Burnett, Hall, and Cameron. My thoughts on the others are in a previous thread.

Jessica Lee said...

Don't read into rumors too much. There are tons of rumors flying around for different reasons. Some are from agents who try to drive up prices for their clients. Some are made up by reporters for selling papers. Some are from teams who try to drive up prices for their rival teams or put pressure on the targets they like. Until the deal is done, I won't read into rumors too much.

I am with you about young movement. However, Yankees are a big market team whose fan bases are different from small market team and demanding winning more. For me, baseball is not only about winning. Baseball is an entertainment as long as I enjoy the process when my team play hard toward to winning. By putting more good products on the field, it certainly accomplish that mission.

That being said, I believe Cashman hasn't give up plan for getting younger and still move to that direction. Yankees haven't given up their top prospects in our farm system. I agree all along with not trading for Santana, keeping prospects and spending money on CC who is two years younger than Santana.

In my opinion, young movement is about keeping your good prospects in your farm system. If they are good prospects, they will get their chances to contribute. I believe a lot of people prise Omar Minaya's trade this morning. Even Omar Minaya prise himself on trade and not spending money. Omar Minaya has emptied his farm system this past few years. Cashman did spend money, but he doesn't empty farm system once he took over the power of organization.

Cameron is certainly not young. If Yankees get Cameron which is not a move I like, Yankees may buy himself one year for waiting Austin Jackson who need at least one more year for development.

I believe Yankees only in Teixeira sweepstake to avoid Red Sox from getting him or drive prices for Red Sox and Angels.

If the deal is right, I actually like to sign Manny. I know Manny is not young, but he can provide the protection we need for A-Rod. If we get him for 3 year deal at maxium, he can be our DH after Matsui and Damon's deal expire after 2009 season. If Posada can't catch as much as he did before, we can put him on first base. After Posada's deal expire, we can move Jeter to first base if we need. After Manny's deal is expired, we can put A-Rod in the DH spot.

I don't think Yankees will get Hall by the way.

Jessica Lee said...

As for rotation, you never have enough pitching. Cashman keep our good prospects in our farm system. If they are good, they will get their chances eventually. I know Yankees have a lot of troubles of getting good free agents pitchers recent years. Yankees are not only team having that trouble. Because we are Yankees fans, we focus on our teams more. Thinking about Mets and Red Sox, they have pitchers who get hurt as well. When you win, people don't care. Pitchers always get hurt. It sometimes just depends on luck.

Right now, we need to fill up no.3 and no.4 spot of rotation. Because of inning caps of Joba and Hughes, we will put Joba and Hughes in the no.5 spot. There is nothing wrong to have one spot for young pitchers from our farm system because we can develop one young pitcher,

I am not a big fan of Sheets and Burnett as well. Yankees have medical record of Sheets. They certainly can have better judgment than us on Sheets. I won't give him more than 2 year deal with a team option for third year. Keep in mind, Sheets and Burnett is relatively young. I won't give Burnett that 5th year. But, he pitches well against Rays, Red Sox and Yankees and he proves he can pitch in AL East as well. This certainly can help us a lot.

If I can make decisions, I will give no.3 spot for one of Burnett and Sheets and no.4 spot for one of Lowe and Pettitte.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Five years of Burnett. Not that he's such a bad pitcher, but he's a number three starter at best (on this team). He's going to top out at an ERA+ around 120. And he'll get lots of sexy strikeouts for ESPN fodder in between all the walks and wild pitches. Is that really worth $16.5 million for 5 years when they still don't have a real 1B or a full set of OF?

Jessica Lee said...

You never have enough pitching. I agree with getting pitching depth. I really think Yankees will only sign one of CC and Teixeira which they decide to go for pitching that I agree.

I prefer not to give him 5 year deal as well. However, looking at bright side of this deal. He did pitches very well against AL East opponents in his career.

I do agree with you. We need more one impact bat to protect A-Rod.

I think we can upgrade our outfield after 2009 season because we have more options to choose from comparing to this off-season. On top of that, Damon and Mastui's contracts will be expired after 2009 season as well.

As for 1B, I really think Swisher will do well over there. He definitely will play much better defense over Giambi.