Friday, July 18, 2008

Is a lefty relief pitcher coming too?

This is another feeling I got when I was listening to Cashman's interview on ESPN 1050. I think Cashman realize we need to get at least one good lefty reliever pitcher from outside. This is the move for not only this season but also future that I agree with on a preview post. On top of that, the trade market for lefty relief pitchers have developed. These kind of chances won't come by every time.

Damaso Marte and Brian Fuentes are two good lefty relief pitchers who may be available on trade market. I think Brian Cashman is waiting and hoping the price for this two pitchers to drop until the last day of trading deadline.

I got a sense Cashman will make deals that make sense for Yankees for long-term plan, not to save this season. He may make some small deals or trades to try to save this season, but don't expect him to trade good prospects in our farm to get big time players. I hope he won't do this as well.


Matt said...

Looks like you were right about Sexson! I'm still not convinced he's any good, but now that he's a Yankee I'll give him a chance. At least they got him cheap.

I hope they get one of those lefty pitchers. I can't decide who I like better. I think either one would be good.

Also, I like the way you mention Wang's history of injury recovery. I hope he can come back as soon as possible! I'm just hoping its not too late to make the playoffs.

Jessica Lee said...

Sexson had a decent game with good defense on first base.

Hopefully, he can turn his season around with Yankees. The same goes to a lot of Yankees.