Thursday, July 10, 2008

Send them a tape

This is the quote from our Captain, Derek Jeter, when he was asked what he thought about criticism for his defense. Ha! Jeter surely pay attention on what is going on around the world. This tells me a lot how good Jeter is on how to deal with pressure and not let those things affect his performance on the field.

When I was watching yesterday game, I yelled at my computer and said, "No, here we go, the see-eyes ground ball after that ball pass A-Rod " But, Man, What a great play Jeter made. That play is huge.

Well, By the way, Jeter got that big hit for first two runs of the game when Kazmir is on his way to get tons of strikeouts.

I actually think Jeter's range for his defense improves this season. The special workout program Jeter has for this past off-season seems to pay off in my opinion. But, for whatever reason(injury? His wrist? His shoulder), Jeter's throw just a little bit off line. This also effects him on driving the ball off the infield. The result is his offense number. I don't know, but I still believe Jeter is the least on of the players on Yankees team we need to worry about. Of course, Mo and Pettitte are on my list as well. Pettitte was great yesterday, wasn't he?

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