Friday, July 18, 2008

You guys are great! Thanks, everyone

I finally finished one important report and presentation. That's why I am able to post some posts recently. Before doing that, I realize two things when I read my own posts again.

First of all, You guys are amazing because you guys can understand what I try to say when I made so many grammar mistakes. Secondly, I have a tendency to update or post my opinions regard of Yankees too late.

Thanks for patience, everyone. Good job!

I will come back shortly for my thought on futures game, All star game, Dice-K, some updated news on Wang and 2008 Yankees season.


Mike said...

You do fine. Keep it up!

Anonymous Yankee said...

haha you're welcome!!!

I like reading your stuff and I can understand you just fine.

Jessica Lee said...

welcome to blogger's world, anonymous yankee.

I will keep eyes on your blog. Thanks.