Saturday, July 26, 2008

Great Job, Cashman

I think I make a right observation about Cashman's attitude toward to trade deadline, so there is a good lefty reliever pitcher coming soon. I mentioned three things Cashman should do before trade deadline. Amazingly, Cashman did pulled out a 2006-Abreu like trade to fill out two of three things we need in order to get into playoff. I will say this now. If Cashman can get us a no.3 or 4 starting pitcher by eating salary without giving up prospects, we are going to increase our chances to play baseball in October.

I know we may get Wang, Hughes and even Pavano back very soon, but we can't count on that. On top of that, We can't look at September and forget Yankees needs someone to be Ponson's insurance in August because Ponson has been extremely lucky in my opinion. Especially, we are not sure we will get Wang, Hughes and Pavano back or not. Even if we don't make a chance for a starting pitcher, maybe give someone down the farm a chance to show what they have if Ponson or Rasner have further problems again.

I like this trade because this reason I mentioned on preview post as well, not because it seems we don't give up too many prospects which you never know.

This not only can help Yankees this season but also next season

Great Job, Cashman.

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