Monday, July 21, 2008

We will go deeper in the playoff this time if we get into playoff..

This is the only good thing I can think about when our offense suddenly disappeared this season for some reasons. Our pitchers will be more used to pitch in these low-scoring pressure games which happen all the time in October.

The pitching as a whole has been better in the MLB this season. This forces Yankees to go back fundamental stuffs, such as moving runners and getting runners in less than 2 outs. They will need that during playoff.

But, I will be happier if Cashman can give us another bat before trading deadline. I think Cashman need to choose to improve either offense or pitching. If I were Cashman, I would choose to improve pitching. For example, a lefty reliever pitcher and a no.3 or 4 starting pitcher will be good.

At the same time, we may not need to trade because the answer may be in our farm. You never know. I have been heard couple of names who pitch well or hit well in our farm system. Giving them a chance may the only thing Cashman need to do.


Matt said...

A-rod out at the plate again today! the 3rd base coach did it again! Amazing!

I think you're right about the pitching. They're doing really well lately and if Wang comes back for the end of the season and playoffs, the Yankees should be in good shape!

I read that the Yankees are talking with the Pirates about Nady or Bay. Maybe the Yanks can get them to include Marte in a package deal. Then they get a hitting outfielder and a lefty reliever. But it will cost them.

I like the way the Yankees are managing to score in close games. I think that in the future that is one way Gardner is really going to help the team.

Jessica Lee said...

When I agree with you that we may need a new 3rd base coach, I don't blame him this time because A-Rod ran with 2 outs when Betemit was on deck.

On top of that, we faced AL ERA Leader and we won't get too many opportunities to score on him.

As for this topic, we also have better bullpen this season. Our hitters also get used to face good pitchers who throw strikes to them that happen all the time during playoff. I believe this will help our hitters to hit better in October as well.

Brett Gardner is going to help us with his speed. I also believe he will hit better.