Monday, July 7, 2008

WoW! Federer fight back W/AL East

Federer just pulled out a unbelievable comeback when he was down 2 to 5 in the tie-break on the fourth set. Nadal even had a game point. At that moment, Federer is so calm and cool under the pressure which shows why he wins so many champions. On the other hand, Nadal made couple of unforgiving mistakes, such as double fault and unforced error.

I don't know the outcome of this game. But, the more I watch this game, the more I feel my prediction about second half of AL East is right.

Let me say one more thing on my prediction. When you look at the schedule of Yankees, RedSox and Rays on September, I think one thing is very important for Yankees: Making sure Wang is able to come back to help them in September.

Man, we are in the rain delay again. Last rain delay helped out Federer tremendously. Let us wait and see what happen after second rain delay. Unfortunately, I don't know how much longer I can stay up late for this game. Right now, it's almost 5am in Sydney.

Sorry about this, but I really need to take a nap to recharge. I will post the Wang's interview I promised very soon. I also want to write about the selection of All Star game and the exciting win against RedSox yesterday. Stay tuned.

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