Sunday, July 27, 2008

8 in a row, Our bombers play like a championship team

When you look at the way Yankees play since All-Star break, are we going to lose game? I am just kidding. We are going to lose some games eventually, but I like to sweep Red Sox in their ball park if Ponson can put up another magic show tomorrow night. Of course, I won't be upset if Yankees lose the final game of series since we have already taken a series from Boston in their ball park.

However, think about it. If we sweep Boston, we will tie with Boston at second place of AL East and wild card leader, specially when you consider Boston is going to face Angels while we are going to face O's at home.

Back to the game, Andy is the man. Andy was in trouble from get go, but I know he will battle out to give us a chance to win this game which is very important when you consider the matchup of final game of this series.

The only time gets me nervous is 7th innings when Veras puts two men on with one out and Ortiz and Manny are coming up. I don't have problems with the performance with Kyle and Veras these two days because you can't expect them to be perfect all the time even though our bullpen have been closed to be perfect. Guess what? Marte came out to strike out Ortiz and Edwar got Manny to fly out. Well done, guys.

Of course, Edwar and Robertson pitch well the rest of game. Mo will be well rest if we need him tomorrow. I think Yankees fans no longer get nervous when we get into the bullpen. Joe Girardi and Dave Eliand deserve a lot of credits the way they handle the whole pitching staff.

I feel we have a special and championship team and we may be able to witness some special thing happen this year, not because we are winning now. The pitching we get from starters and bullpen, the amazing defense and the fundamental sound offense that does a lot of little things right. Our bombers play like a championship team.

Let's pray Wang and Hughes come back soon. Can't wait.

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