Saturday, July 19, 2008

what a bullpen we have!!

It seems to me we will win ball games if we have lead after 6th inning now. Look at this number for tonight game. They are not even our A-tier arms in the bullpen for now.

David Robertson - 12 pitches 11 strikes - strike out the side
Edwar Ramirez - 11 pitches 9 strikes - strike out 2 batters
Hawkins - 9 pitches 6 strikes - strike out 1 batter

If we can put healthy Bruney and bring in a good lefty relief pitcher, we get ourselves an amazing bullpen. Not to mention there are more arms down in our farm system.

By the way, Sexson had himself a decent game which is a good start for him and Yankees. I like his defense on first base.

Can we get a better 3rd base coach? I know tons of people have questioned this many time, but I haven't had problems for that until tonight. I actually didn't have problem when A-Rod got threw out at home because there is 2 outs with Melky on deck. But, why he sent Jeter when A-Rod was on deck? I know we got a good luck and Jeter was safe at home, but please.....


Matt said...

It was so lucky that Jeter was safe at home! The catcher Suzuki just totally missed the throw...which was there days before Jeter. Very similar to the A-rod play. I don't mind sending the runner in that situation, but he was out by a MILE! I get the impression that they want the 3rd base coach to be more "aggressive", but in both of those situations, the ball got home way in front of the runners. Girardi should explain to his 3rd base coach that the word "aggressive" is not the same as "reckless".

I thought Robertson was particularly impressive!

Jessica Lee said...

yes, absolutely,

when they are out by a mile, they shouldn't send them.