Thursday, July 17, 2008

Is Richie Sexson coming?

I just heard a Cashman's interview on ESPN 1050 Radio. When you heard Cashman said, "We will all know what Sexson's decision is one way or the other.", it seems to me this is Cashman way to tell us: Yankees already reached some kind of agreement with Richie Sexson.

Of course, Sexson is not big time player, but you never know. It's good to have as many as helps we can get.


Mike said...
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Mike said...

Sounds like an offer was made and the Yanks are waiting for him to decide.

Matt said...

I hope this is not true! The Yankees don't need another 1st baseman/DH, especially one as mediocre as Sexson. But as Mike said, it sounds like an offer has been made. This looks like a really bad move. It could only be worse if they signed Barry Bonds!

Jessica Lee said...

I don't want Barry Bonds on my team no matter how badly Yankees play this season.

I know Sexson is not a great player, but he hits well against lefty that Yankees are struggling all the time.

On top of that, Sexson may hit better than he did with Mariners when we put him in Yankees' lineup which has better hitters than Mariners' lineup.

I also think Sexson's defense on first base is better than what we have. Not to mention not only he is better than Betemit defensively and offensively but also we don't have to trade prospects for him, except for money and some chances. Why not?