Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another Exciting win...

It seems to me I can use this title for every single game right now. Coming up with a good title is always a big problem for me, so please Yankees keep playing great games like we got recently and I don't have to worry about titles.

Well, Where is our offense? I still can't figure out why. The time will tell. When our luck on hitting on RISP comes back, I think our offense will be back as well. For today game, I think homeplate umpire has a big strike zone. I think this is the reason contributes to our poor offense. As you guys know, I enjoy watching this kind of pitching/defense game.

I think Ponson will be a .500 pitcher. One good one follow another bad one and make us nervous through out the whole game. As long as we play good defense behind him, we will be fine.

Derek Jeter is still the man, isn't he?

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