Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wang's interview and some updated/ related News

CommonWealth Magazine is the one of authoritative magazines we have in Taiwan. 10 days before Wang hurt his foot, this magazine sent a team to interview Wang for their special No.400 which includes 72 persons from all fields around the world how they grow up, stop losing and become a successful person. They also made 4 short films of 4 successful Taiwanese(Chien-Ming Wang, Ang Lee, Jay Chou, Hsieh Yi Min) among 72 persons. They interview a lot of people, including Peter Abraham. If you understand Mandarin, feel free to use this link to watch all 4 short films.

There are some great points worthy to mentions in Wang's interview.

●Wang doesn't think he is a successful person. He is only a person who loves to play baseball and tries to do his job every time out. There is still long way to go for him. Only people can judge that after he decides to retire.

●Wang doesn't know how he goes through his first inning of his major league debut. In that first inning, everything surrounding him seems dark without sound.

●Wang wants to pitch well every time out in order to stay in the major league. When he was asked the best game he pitches in his mind, Wang said, "NA, I am just able to pitch up to the standard." He understands pitching badly in New York will get boos from fans. He hears and accepts that every time, but there is no ill feeling or bad impact on his pitching performance next time out.

●Wang goes to ballpark very early everyday for training. When he was asked the reason behind this, Wang said, "I don't have a good arm like other pitchers who can throw over 90 easily, so I have to practice more than them"

●It's a honor to stand on the mound. He only thinks how to get hitters out when he stays on the mound. He thinks he is just a normal person like everyone else without thinking too much.

Wang related news
●According to Joba who talks to Wang, Wang feels fine, but he still blames himself for getting hurt on running.
●For next year World Baseball Classic, Yankees agree to let Yankees players play for their countires. As a Taiwanese, I hope our national team leave Wang alone and give younger players a chance to play.
●MLB is going to hold training camp for pitchers and catchers in Taiwan this December. Of course, Wang will be there to present Yankees. There is also a chance Joba may join him to this event as well.

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