Monday, July 7, 2008

Don't even try to compare Papelbon to Mo...

Well, I can't decide to use which title. I was struggling to pick one of two titles. I was promising to use "Exciting win against RedSox" on the preview post, but I can't help to use this one. Another exciting win against RedSox, isn't it?

What the match-up is between Mo and Manny, isn't it? I was surprised at their decision not to walk Manny on that situation and screamed at my computer,but I guess don't tell HOF Mo to walk Manny! And then Papelbon was guessed right by rookie, Brett Gardner when he threw the first splitter to rookie who was waiting for. When you consider Wagner on Mets blew out another save at the same time, Mo is the best.

I am not going to go through the observation I have for Brett Gardner again. I like what I saw from him. What a series Brett Gardner has. We need real baseball players, like Jeter, Melky, Gardner, etc to win ballgame. Of course, I am not discount what other players do, but a championship team need all kind of ballplayers. Not everyone need to swipe for fence.

Joe Girardi looks like a genius for sure now. After getting threw out the game, Yankees did look like a different team. But, I think this has much to do with RedSox's horrible bullpen which no one talk about, but everyone talks about how horrible starting rotation and bullpen Yankees have.

Well, By the way, Everyone talks about how wonderful job Red Sox did to their farm system and how many wonderful young players they have. But, take a look at roster on RedSox and Yankees have. I think we are better if not for a lot of better.

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