Friday, July 4, 2008

Game 1:Pettitte vs Lester

Pettitte are behind the count against almost every hitter, so you can tell Pettitte just doesn't have it yesterday. When pitchers are way off against Red Sox or any good hitting team, you almost can predict outcome.

During the whole game, I got a feeling. Our bombers either go down like they did without a fight(look like) or pull out a magic comeback. That's why I was keep watching. When the game progresses and I sense the low possibility our bombers will come back, I hope Lester pitch a complete game shutout because I think Yankees really need to get their ... kicked. As it turns out, it should does.

Good news is our bullpen keep pitching well. David Robertson and Dan Giese are great additions to our pen. Of course, this doesn't include Hawkins. Is it about time to give up someone and give someone else a chance? We really start to see Cashman's plan to pay off. I hope more people have more patience about Cashman's young movement, including Hank and Hal and give him more time to do what he wants.

Bad news is our inconsistent offense and not so good defense. There is no excuse for Jeter not to turn that double play in the first inning. Not to mention Abreu can't catch that flyball for some reason. That play turns into another double and another run for Red Sox.

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