Friday, July 4, 2008

Where is our offense?

A few notes for our starting pitchers.

First of all, If you find out your opposing pitchers throw from their left hands, you better not to give up any run.

Secondly, If your opposing pitchers are rookies or someone your teammates haven't seen before, Be careful, they may turn into Cy Young.

Thirdly, Don't give up runs first no matter what you do.

Fourthly, You better strike out opposing hitters as much as you can.

Lowering the pitching mound and Taking steroids may change the way fans watch baseball games. Baseball game is supposed to be low-scoring game with good pitching and defense. I don't know how baseball fans start used to seeing their teams to score 5 to 10 runs every game. When their teams don't score, there must be something wrong with their hitters. Not so many people want to give credit to pitchers.

But, there is fine line between giving credit to pitchers and not hitting well. When Yankees fans and Yankees front office always expect to have all star on every position, it becomes a problem. Every player on the Yankees need to be the best in that position among the league. Otherwise, he may have other people waiting in line to replace him.

This creates tons of players to play individually, not as a team. Those players pay more attention on their personal stats than concentrating on winning games. For example, A-Rod couldn't get that run in in the first inning when there is man on third with less than two out. In contrast, Jason Varitek hits a groundball to the right side and move runner to third with less than two out, especially when you consider he is ahead of count(3 balls-1 strike) and batting average is down to .200.

I understand it's impossible to hit and pitch very well every single game, but Yankees do a terrible job on situational hitting, such as moving runners and getting runner in with less than two out. Don't try to hit homerun every single time, Ok?

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