Sunday, July 27, 2008

These numbers are so sick

When I saw these numbers on some news, I can't help to share with you guys. We all know our bullpen have pitched so well, but how about these numbers? These numbers prove how good our bullpen is.

Yankees record:

Having leads after 6th inning:47-1
Having leads after 8th inning:50-0

These numbers mean win will be in the bank when we have lead and go into our bullpen. I think our hitters may have mindset which they just need to squeeze a run or two right now in order to win a ball game. They also aren't put in the big holes all the time when our starters have pitched well as well. I think this is the reason our bombers are able to do a lot of little things, such as moving runners.

You know one thing Yankees pitchers have been done very well so far this season makes me happy the most is not giving up free passes. I hate pitchers to walk hitters.

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Todd Drew said...

The bullpen has been a strength all year and getting Damaso Marte just made it stronger. The Yankees are going to be tough to beat the rest of the way.