Monday, January 12, 2009

Wang expects his first child

Congratulation to Wang. Wang is going to have his first child around June. By the way, It will be a boy. Wang loves kids and loves to help people. He just set up his first funds for helping disadvantage children in Taiwan. He hopes he can help disadvantage kids get enough eduation and medical treatment. Just in case, I have readers from Taiwan. Welcome to go to his Wangerful kids funds website to check the details out.

Wang and his wife have married more than 5 years, so they are extremely excited at this new coming member of family.

When I heard this news, my first impression is Wang and Yankees going to have a wonderful season. Chinese people believe people will have good luck before marriage and after having a child.

By the way, Wang is going to go back to U.S. this week for personal training. He looks fit when he showed up the press conference for his funds few days ago.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Wanger!!