Monday, January 19, 2009

Lowe or Burnett?

We all know Braves got Lowe for 4 years deal at 15 million per. At the beginning, Braves fought with Yankees for Burnett and Yankees got Burnett for 5 years deal at 16.5 million per. If Brave got Burnett for 5 year deal(80 millions), Yankees probably would end up with Lowe at similar deal he got from Braves.

If you can choose again, who will you pick based on the deal they got?

I have been thought about this question for many days and come up with my conclusion. I probably will choose Burnett again.

Burnett really has good number against AL East teams. Burnett is 4 year younger than Lowe. I know Burnett has a long injury history when Lowe shows he is durable. But, you never know about injury, especially Lowe is not young anymore that certainly increases the chance of getting hurt. Not to mention, Yankees really don't have a good infield defense for groundball pitchers.

Time will tell which team gets better deal.


Anonymous said...

this one is easy. Lowe was run out of town, since he could no longer handle the very tough AL East. He thrived in LA, because the NL West doesn't seem to pose the same offensive threat on a given night like our division. Factor in ballpark sizes too.. Fenway is a bandbox. Conversely, Burnett has shown the ability to dominate AL East opposition, and has done so recently and often. SO in conclusion.. a man who several years ago, did not pitch well here, versus a man who can and does. Ask yourself that question, Lowe or Burnett. The only real issue is about injury history, where Lowe has a sizable edge.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure Lowe couldn't handle the AL East so much as he had a down year (after many years of being well above average) with bad timing (when cheaper pitchers were having good years). Lowe has better control and injury history. Burnett probably has a higher upside (mainly due to the age factor), though he also seems to have a lower downside. All in all, I think it's pretty much a crapshoot between them. Neither is an ace at this point and they both have strengths and weaknesses that have to be considered.

Jessica Lee said...

no one can predict the future. Because I watched press conference of CC and AJ and already have started rooting for the guy, I choose AJ.