Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cashman's interview with Kay

There are few points regard of state of Yankees.

++Teixeira is the guy Cashman targets and wants all the way. He persuade ownership to commit this long term contract.

++Yankees really want to lower their payroll and commit to make it happen.

++Yankees receive offers from other teams and consider to trade one of extra outfielders for starter. However, they don't have to trade. It will only happen when the deal is right. It won't be Damon and Yankees don't want to put him in the center as well. A center fielder will come among Melky, Gardner, Damon and Swisher(someone are within organization).

++Cashman just told to Pettitte' agents yesterday and had a good dialogue. They were talking about the number of contract. Nothing is guarantee. Based on what I heard, Pettitte is the guy they want to sign. If they can't get Pettitte back, Yankees prepare to have options as many as possible to compete for that no.5 spot, including youngsters and veterans(Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy, Alfredo Aceves, Jason Johnson and Coke).

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