Friday, January 2, 2009

Wang attend "Pitchers and Catchers Training Camp" and raise funds for children

I told you guys earlier Wang wasn't sure he would attend "Pitchers and Catchers Training Camp" which is held by Yankees and Chinese Taipei Baseball Association at January in Taiwan as a special guest due to his schedule. After asking by Cashman, Wang will attend this training camp on Jaunary 7th and leave Taiwan to start his personal training shortly at the same week. Wang said he wants to start his personal training earlier.

As you guys know, Wang tries to help people and attend many charity events. When he got to Major league, Wang told himself he would help more people when he has that ability. Finally, Wang will start to raise funds for children in the middle of January. Because he hasn't had enough ability to have his own foundation, he will raise funds first. He will open a website to get more people to help children with him.

Updated: Yankees did have a official release about the details of this event.

Updated: 1999, Dodgers conducted a similar clinic in Taiwan. Wang was a freshman in the unversity. He was in that clinic Dodgers conducted. The coaches from Dodgers was impressive about the potential Wang has in the clinic. Next year, Dodgers was one of major league teams trying to sign Wang. Yankees certainly know what they are doing when they decided to conduct this clinic in Taiwan.

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