Monday, January 19, 2009

Keep Cano

I still think about Todd many times a day and really want to keep previous post on top. I guess we always can remember every good things from that person while we move on in our life. I guess Todd will want to know what happen in the Yankees land as well.

According to MLB Trade Rumors, Cardinals called Yankees and asked about Cano. I am glad to hear Cashman was asking Adam Wainwright in return.

Be honest with you guys, I watch more American league games than national league games. But, I know Adam Wainwright is a good young pitcher.

This tells us two things. First of all, Yankees are not just trading Cano away cheaply and are not giving up him. We all know Yankees are short of positional prospects on the farm system. As bad as Cano was last season, he still is pretty decent among second baseman. I know there still is a good second baseman on the market. But, he is 5 years older than Cano. I believe Cano will have a rebound year.

Secondly, By asking Adam Wainwright in return, we know Yankees still look to add depth in their starting rotation. In my opinion, we still need a no.4 starter when Joba can keep his inning on track as no.5 starter. Don't forget Mo come back from a shoulder surgery and Wang come back from a serious foot injury. Not to mention Burnett's long injury history. We really need to add some kind of depth to our rotation. Come on Pettitte and Yankees! Just settle for a deal around 12-13 million a year.

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