Friday, January 9, 2009

Smoltz's signing tells me....

Smoltz's signing with Red Sox tells me two things. First of all, If John Smoltz can leave Braves, Pettitte certainly can leave Yankees. Secondly, most players always want to play as long as they can. Few players can retire like Moose or Maddux just did. Because of competition driven, they believe themselves they can do everything they can if they want or put their efforts into. It's hard for them to admit they can't do it anymore.

Hopefully, I don't have to face that day when Mo, Jeter or Posada leave Yankees which will be very hard for me. I think this kind of Pettitte's saga will go on every year even if Pettitte stays with Yankees this year. Yankees fans love Pettitte so much. That's why most of us feel a little bit disappointed at seeing this saga unfold. What Pettitte had acted and said certainly plays a role on why Yankees fans love him so much. Pettitte certainly can't hope Yankees fans don't feel disappointed at realizing money is so important to him. Don't get me wrong. That's nothing wrong to feel money is so important which may be true because we can't do anything if we don't have money. But, don't say it's not important when money means a lot to you.

I really don't understand this logic which more money is equal to more respect. When I do my job, I love to do it and I feel I contribute to family and society. I don't just do it for money. Of course, I get paid for doing my job. But, I get other things out of my jobs, not just money. Of course, companies or other people have their criteria to mark my performance which may reflect on my salary no matter I think it's fair or not.

Of course, I will feel happy if I get paid more or hear more compliment from people. However, I have my personal standard or criteria to feel what I have done for my job. I have faith on myself. I won't let salary number or what other people said to determine what I feel I have done for my job.

In my opinion, salary just reflects people's market value at that moment, not for everything. Let just say Pettitte gets paid 10 million for 2009 season while Burnett get paid 16.5 million. Every Yankees fan will see every Yankees player's performance and judge them, not for their salary. Do Yankees fans love Burnett more or people respect him more than Pettitte because Burnett get paid more? Of course not. Don't forget Joba get paid minium major league salary while Wang get paid 5 million. Again. Salary just reflects people's market value at that moment.

Don't get me wrong. I love Pettitte and want him back. Yankees should bring him back. Pettitte certainly is worthy more than 10 million(maybe for 12 or 13 million?).

I may be naive. But, this is just me.

PS. By the way, I really think Yankees need another veteran starter as a no.4 starter who can eat up innings when Red Sox keep getting backups as many as possible.

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