Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yankees re-sign Pettitte to one-year deal?

I know Torre's book is the hottest topic right now in Yankeeland. I care about the signing of Pettitte more. Depending on which report you believe, there are different financial terms on Pettitte's new contract. No matter how much Pettitte will get, we will have a veteran starter who eats innings as our no.4 starter in the rotation if Yankees do re-sign Pettitte. I have been said all along. We need one more starter to put Joba and Hughes in the no.5 spot because they all have their innings limit. Not to mention, we need that pitching depth in order to prepare for any kind of injury.

Welcome back, Pettitte.

Now, I will put C.C., Wang, A.J., Pettitte and Joba in this kind of order for our rotation because C.C., A.J., and Joba are more power pitchers with high strikeout number when Wang and Pettitte are more contact pitchers with more groundballs.

Great Job, Cashman.


Anonymous said...

Now all is right with the Yankee universe again. He's no longer a dirty rotten, cheating, money hungry, over the hill scoundrel. He's back to Dandy Andy. Number #46. Welcome back, brother. Excellent contract by Cashman. He played this beautifully. I with I could say the same about the other signings.

hopbitters said...

The contract seemed a little odd to me. Didn't he reject about that much money guaranteed and now he takes it with more than half in incentives? Oh well. Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

This was all about ego.


Andy Pettitte’s deal (via the AP):

Base salary: $5.5 million.

Innings bonuses: $500,000 each for 150, 160 and 170 innings pitched and $750,000 each for 180, 190, 200 and 210 innings.

Roster bonuses: $100,000 for 120 days on the active 25-man roster, $200,000 for 130 days, $250,000 each for 140 and 150 days, and $400,000 each for 160, 170 and 180 days.
^thats from Peter Abraham's blog^

Jessica Lee said...

I think it will be difficult to do the same thing to other signing when players have leverage on hand.

12 million is about right. Right on the amount of money I will give Pettitte as well.