Friday, January 23, 2009

Garcia chose Mets

I actually don't surprise to hear Garcia goes to Mets. For Garcia, Mets is a better choice than Yankees if you put yourself in Garcia's shoes. At this point of his career, it's better for me to choose national team instead of American league East team. Yankees also have a deeper rotation than Mets, so Garcia will have better chances to break into Mets' team.

I sense Yankees rather spend money on someone who is more guaranteed to put up good performance. If Yankees still want to upgrade their starters and relief pitchers, there are still pretty decent ones out there in the free agent market. We don't have to spend tons of money on someone may not be healthy at all. It seems the deal is a minor league team with potential 8-9 million. Of course, if we sign him, we would be happy he can reach those incentives. It all depends on how much guaranteed money he gets. Let us wait and see the details of the deal before jumping on the conclusion. Keep in mind one thing. Yankees tends not to give out incentives too often. Anyway, I won't lose any sleep for Garcia.


MJB said...

For all the Yankees fans who have been arguing for Hughes to get his shot at #5 and saying we should forget signing a is one time I will agree. I like Freddy, he used to be really good, so he has some potential upside. But to sign him as a minor league guy -- unsure if he'd even be able to pitch in the bigs -- I'd say: why not just go with Hughes?

Sometimes my memory is a little hazy, but I remember Garcia when he was with the Mariners in the 90s. Each year, they thought it might be THE year they have a shot at winning it all, only to be ousted by a Yankee team (usually). He was one of those guys (like Pedro) that I'd watch pitch brilliantly for 6 innings while the patient Yankee clubs of the 90s stood in there, took pitches, worked the count, battled off foul balls, manufactured a few (sometimes very few) runs.....but eventually.... EVENTUALLY....Garcia would hit that magical 100-120 pitch range and start to lose it. If the Yankee pitcher (usually someone like Cone, Andy, or El Duque) just kept us close into the 7th, we'd come through with a few runs against a tiring Garcia or subpar bullpen (someone like Arthur Rhodes comes to mind for some reason). Good times! Exciting baseball! With all the big names in the Yankee battery this year, I hope they can remember some plate discipline!! (One reason I'm really looking forward to Matsui's return!)

Unfortunately for him (and the Mets) I think Garcia's best days are behind him.

Anonymous said...

Arthur Rhodes has had a strange career - he seems to vacillate between the extremes of effectiveness. Some years, he's just mediocre all along, but mostly he's either great or awful. Of course, he always got killed by the Yankees to the tune of a 7.46 career ERA over 82 innings.

I don't know why some people seem down on Matsui. He had an injury-shortened off-year last year and still posted an OPS+ of 108. Is his defense spectacular? No, but there's no doubt in my mind that he'll help the team out overall.

Anonymous said...

Interesting where some of the NY outfielders rank :

Anonymous said...

Nady and Melky signed one-year deals for $6.55m and $1.4m.

Jessica Lee said...

I don't mind to go with young pitchers as well. The problem is they all have innings limitation. Hughes and Joba can fill in no.5 spot and get their innings up to where they are supposed to be.

I don't mind they sign someone to minor league deal to add some depth. But, it won't be easy because good ones probably can get more chances to break into other major league teams than Yankees.

I am not down on Matsui. I believe he will be his typical Matsui if he can stay healthy. Matsui is not as old as many people think.

By the way, I am a little bit surprised at how much money Melky get.

Anonymous said...

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