Friday, November 6, 2009

Let the Hot Stove begins!

This is just the life of our Yankee fans. This is just the reaction and love we have toward to our beloved New York Yankees.

Let us talk about this after parade.


yanks26 said...

I have had people texting me, how many days until pitchers and catchers. I laughted at them yesterday, but today I've been trying to find out the answer.

MJB said...

I like the current team...just get Wang back in shape!!

Jessica Lee said...

I like this team as well. How could we not to. This is championship team.

Yankees need to shape up pitching staff and decide outfield situation.

If we can get Wang back healthy and pitch like his old self, we will have a great chance to repeat title.

Jessica Lee said...

I guess Boss answers your question today at parade. It is 96 days counting.