Friday, November 6, 2009

Yes, Every Yankee fan, Here is 27th Title

Let me describe the scene I saw yesterday at my office. As I told you on previous post, I can't take a day off because I just report to the new job.

Once the o'clock turned to lunch time yesterday, a lot of my colleagues ran toward to cafeteria for television. At that time, the game was on top of 8th inning. Marte just got the lefty out he need to . Here we go. Girardi called on Mo to close the game.

Since that moment, everyone in the cafeteria wants to have a strike call for every pitch. With every minute and every pitch passing by, our lunch break closes to the end. Everyone in the cafeteria start screaming on "come on".

When Mo gets the ground ball to Cano, everyone stands up and ready go back to work with a smile on the face.


MJB said...

Sounds like fun!! I don't live in NY so I don't know any Yankee fans here. At least my wife is trying to learn something about baseball!

Great WIN!!! I am happy for Matsui, he is one of my favorite Yankees. I hope they can keep him!! Great job by Andy!!! No worries for him on 3 days rest!!!

Jessica Lee said...

I was back to Taiwan from Australia. The scene I described was in Taiwan at my office.

I don't think Yankees will be able to keep him. He may go back to Japan or get better deals from other teams.