Saturday, May 23, 2009

AJ vs Phillies

7:17pm A.J has done a good job to limit the damage in the first inning and only gives up one run. Yankees need him to go a long way tonight when you consider the situation of Yankees bullpen now. Teixeira saves at least one run by making that great play to end the first inning.

7:20pm Why try to hit Jeter? Obviously, A.J doesn't want to hit their guy when he clearly doesn't have command earlier in the first inning. A nice job by Captain to hit a single to get a revenge. By the way, the last thing Yankees need right now is Burnett to hit another guy later and then get ejected. Yankees has a short bullpen tonight.

7:28pm If my memory serves me right, this will be the first Yankees base runner to get threw out at home plate.

7:30pm Do you guys get nervous when the ball is hit to right field now? Man, is it too early to get Wang ready now?

7:44pm It seems to me Yankees will have a long night. However, you never know what will happen in any baseball game. One thing I know for sure. A.J has to stop the bleeding in order to give Yankees a chance to come back.

7:50pm Teixeira makes another great play. This time probably save some pitches for Burnett.

7:54pm Burnett is at 48 pitches through 3 innings. At this rate, we will see our bullpen pretty soon. Hopefully, he will have couple of easy innings soon. By the way, at this rate, Myers will finish the game by himself.

8:00pm Here comes the easy inning A.J needs if he can get his third man of the inning.

8:01pm Guess what? He needs to get his third man of the inning against Rollins. Hopefully, it will be him for A.J.

8:12pm A huge at bat for Swisher. Guess not.

8:26pm Well, A.J gives up 5 runs in 5 innings at 86 pitches. What would you do if you were Girardi?

8:39pm A.J somehow get a double play to end the 6th inning.

8:46pm A-Rod hits one out. If Yankees lose this game, we at least score one run.

8:52pm It seems to me Wang's velocity is fine. The location of pitches actually are worse.

9:16pm Wang throws more good sinkers second inning of work.

9:44pm Based on three innings of work Wang puts on, the result is a mixed one. The good thing is Wang's velocity back. The bad thing is he can't throw all his pitches at the lower strike zone consistently. Once Wang get his consistent release point and delivery back, he will be fine. I agree with the decision of putting Wang in the bullpen as a long relief pitcher at this moment. First of all, he needs to pitch against major league hitters to re-gain his confident. Secondly, Yankees can put him back to rotation once Wang gains more arm strengths and throws most his pitches down in the strike zone.


Anonymous said...

As a Phillies fan, who do the Mets fans root for this weekend?

The Phils obviously love your new ballpark....compared to ours here, it's even more of a laughing stock!

Jessica Lee said...

I think Mets should root for Yankees this weekend if they are true Mets fans.

I actually don't care about this homerun park issue.

MJB said...

Its no surprise a Phillies fan got so confused over such a simple question.

As for important things, like the Yankees and Wang...looks like things are going well. Its a tough question (so Phillies fans, sit this one out) about how to get Wang back in the rotation with everyone pitching so well. The team is really clicking and I'm sure they don't want to mess with it. I think Hughes will probably have to go back down to AAA even though there is nothing much for him to work on there. He needs to just stay ready for the next injury call-up.

MJB said...


You should go to the Pride of the Yankees blog and see their story about Cashman and Wang (from ESPN). It seems outrageous and I'm curious if Taiwanese media knows anything about it.