Sunday, May 3, 2009

CC vs Angels

Hello, everyone. Sorry for lack of posts lately. I am expecting a busy May. I get a lot of works need to be done in May. So, I probably won't be able to post a lot in May. Once I get pass May safely, I will be back to post more. Thanks for patience from everyone.

1:16pm CC has an impressive first inning with two strikeouts. The most important thing is he throws different pitches for strike. It is certainly a good sign for Yankees. However, I am not sure how many runs Yankees offense is able to put on when you look at the bottom of Yankees lineup.

1:20pm Man, Jeter was hit by a pitch from Angel's starting pitcher. We can't have another injury from our starting lineup.

1:24pm It looks like Jeter hurts his neck when he steals second base. Hopefully, he is alright. By the way, Aybar was taken out the game at the same play Jeter hurts his neck. Angels certainly can't hit more bad luck this season.

1:40pm CC is in the jam now with bases loaded. This is the big moment of the game. If CC is able to get out of this inning without giving up any run, it will frustrate Angels team. CC gets a big strikeout and a line out to end the inning.

1:51pm As many of us expect, the bottom of lineup do nothing in the bottom of second inning.

1:57pm I was about screaming at "Don't walk the leadoff hitter of the inning" and then CC got him out with a infield pop out.

2:00pm Is it just me to feel this way? I feel 2009 Yankees team is so different than the Yankees team the past few year.

2:02pm Melky makes a great diving catch at right field after Gardner makes a diving catch at center field. Great plays for both Yankees young outfielders.

2:11pm The way Yankees offense looks the first three innings of the this game. CC better has a great day. However, I will definitely feel nervous when Yankees bullpen has to hold a one-run lead.

2:14pm Pena just makes a great play at 3B. Yankees has made three great defense plays behind CC. It's so nice to see that from Yankees team. Oh, by the way, CC hits one of Angels to send a message, "Don't keep hitting my teammates."

2:33pm CC has pitches 5 scoreless innings. However, he uses a lot of pitches to do so. At this rate, We will be lucky if we can get 7 innings out of CC. And then.......?

2:38pm Yankees always turn no-name pitchers or everyone-hit-hard pitchers into Cy Young award winners for some reasons.

2:44pm Pena just makes another nice play and Yankees almost get a double play. Now, Jeter makes an error.

2:50pm Now, double steal from Angels. Angels tie the score. This one hurts because Jeter makes an error.

2:59pm Jeter certainly redeems himself for that leadoff double. Hopefully, Yankees is able to play abc ball to get that run in.

3:00pm Damon does his part to get Jeter to third base with less than 2 outs. Teixeira doesn't do his job.

3:13pm CC picks up another huge strikeout.

3:39pm CC ends up with giving up 5 runs. The way Yankees bullpen goes, it certainly can't fault Girardi to let CC pitch 7th inning. When CC hasn't pitched like an ACE so far this season, he hasn't pitched badly.

3:46pm I understand Veras has a great arm. However, the way he pitches I don't understand why he is still on Yankees team. The reason I says this is not from his terrible pitching performance. Veras never has good command of strike zone. I hate a pitcher can't throw strike. Let alone a relief pitcher who pitches late in the game can't throw strike. I know Veras doesn't have options left, but I don't think losing him is a big lost for Yankees.

4:10pm Well, Robertson certainly doesn't do himself any favor. I don't care about two runs, but I care about two walks he gives up.

4:18pm Posada hits a two-runs homerun to keep Yankees alive.

4:30pm Gardner walks and then scores on Angels' error. The three runs Yankees bullpen give up look big right now.

4:33pm I finally have a little free time to watch a baseball game and then witness Yankees end their 4-games winning streak. However, I am pride of what Yankees keep fighting.

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