Monday, May 18, 2009

AJ vs Twins & Wang's second start at AAA

1:31pm A.J has a nice first two innings while Pena makes a good play at 2B to help him to get out of first inning.

1:34pm Meanwhile, Wang has fine first two scoreless innings. But, his location of pitches is not as good as his first inning based on what I see.

1:47pm It seems to me Wang get into the grove in the 3rd inning. He gets a double play to end the inning. Meanwhile, A.J is dealing at the Bronx as well. It will be nice if Yankees give him 2 or 3 runs to work with.

2:05pm Wang's location is getting better when the innings are going deeper. Meanwhile, A.J gets out of jam by getting Wang-like double play.

2:09pm Let hope Teixeira can get Jeter home with less than 2 outs. Hopefully, A-Rod can pick up Teixeira here.

2:30pm Even though I am very disappointed Yankees don't get that run in from third base. However, I am not sure Yankees can will 1-0 game with their bullpen anyway.

2:41pm Both pitchers are dealing at Bronx. Slowey pitches even better than Burnett. So, obviously, Yankees may regret not to get Jeter in less than 2 outs from third base.

2:47pm I hope Yankees win this game at much easier form than walk-off.

2:49pm Wang gives up 2 singles that one is bloop and the other is just in front of home plate.

2:50pm For whatever reasons, SWB only plays 7 innings for this first game of doubleheader. This is Wang's line for today. 7IP 4H 0R(ER) 75 pitches 1SO 75 pitches 49 Strikes 26 balls GO/FO: 12:8

3:16pm Yankees are behind Twins 2 runs. Yankees need another come from behind victory again. The way Yankees offense goes, it gives all Yankees pitchers a lot of pressure. By the way, I like Yankees to play Cervelli over Cash. Cash and Cervelli both won't hit too much anyway. But, the way Cervelli plays behind the plate as a catcher is much better than Cash in my opinion.

3:29pm It looks like Yankees has another come from behind victory in making. Nice ABC baseball to manufacture that run to tie the game.

3:30pm Bruney starts second game of double header at SWB. I don't know the velocity, but I think Bruney needs one more outing at minior because his location is not good at all.

3:37pm The bullpen Yankees has certainly make us as Yankees fans nervous at every pitch from this point on.

3:47pm Man, what a play by Teixeira! I don't think Albladejo and Tomko pitch great today. Fortunately for Yankees, we get out of bases loaded jam.

4:09pm It seems to me Yankees wants to have another walk-off victory. But, I really hope we could score that run at the bottom of 8th inning.

4:46pm Wow! Yankees certainly don't disappoint Yankees fans. Here is another walk-off and come-from-behind victory. Today heros in my eyes are Yankees pitching and the play Teixeira makes at 1B.

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Anonymous said...

I was at the game, it was great! I agree with you that Teixeira's play saved the game.