Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wang at AAA

7:25pm Wang has a good first two innings. They don't show velocity, so I don't know his velocity. But, he keep pitching down in the strike zone. His delivery looks much better. He throws some great sliders and changeup along the way. By the way, his pitching count is so low now through 2 innings(16 pitches). That is the way Halladay goes as well. One of the biggest advantages sinker pitchers have.

7:36pm For most part, Wang has great location for most pitches. Based on announcers, Wang throws sinker at around 92mph.

7:49pm Wang issues first walk of the game in 4 pitches. Now, Five pitches in a row out of strike zone. A nice sinker to a called strike and then get runner who tries to steal second base. Another good sinker and slider to get another strike out.

7:53pm Wang gets hit by a comeback at his left shin. It appears he is ok.

7:58pm The way hitters from SWB swing the bat looks like the way Yankees batters against Halladay.

8:05pm By the way, A.J is in trouble and gives up 2 runs. The way Halladay pitches A.J better not to give up more runs. 3 runs for Yankees to score off Halladay is a tall order, especially when you consider Halladay only throws 38 pitches through 4 innings.

8:19pm Austin Jackson looks good during his at bat in my opinion. It appears to me Wang gets squeezed by home plate umpire. But, Wang's pitches are up in the zone more the last couple of innings. I am not sure whether Wang works on his other secondary pitches or not, but Wang issues his third walks of the game.

9pm Wang's line: 6IP 3H 0R(ER) 3BB 6k 82 pitches 49 strikes. I need to leave home now. Come back later for more reports.

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