Saturday, May 23, 2009

What to do with Wang?

Lohud's blog confirms the news that Wang gets called back. However, it will be interesting to see how Yankees deal with Wang's situation.

I think Jonathan Albaladejo will be the one to get sent down. After Aceves pitches multi innings two games in a row and many relief pitchers pitch many games in a row, Tomko and Bruney are only two fresh relief pitchers left in the bullpen.(Updated: Bruney is injured) On top of that, Coke may be available for Phillies those left handed batters. If A.J has another short outing, Yankees will simply burn their bullpen and leads to a disaster weekend series against Phillies.

As far as I know, many Taiwanese fans are so mad at how Yankees handle Wang's situation. I agree with them to some certain degree, not all of them. Before going into the details how I feel, I have to say this first. I understand the concerns Yankees have over Wang in term of his velocity. I understand every player needs to prove he can stay in the major league no matter how great his track record is and how much money he makes. I also understand the superstition baseball players have, especially Yankees are on a winning streak. I tell you guys most Taiwanese fans are mad and I don't like the way Yankees handle Wang's situation because there is high possibility that Wang feels the same way. We all come from the same culture. There is huge difference between American culture and Taiwanese culture. Wang is not going to express how he really feels.

Yankees front office and coach staff have done few things wrong in terms of handling with Wang's situation.

First of all, Yankees medical staff and front office misjudge the aftereffect of Wang's foot injury and then don't allow Wang to run until Wang blows out three games in a row. They didn't admit this fault at all.

Secondly, Yankees should discuss with Wang before making any kind of decision given his track record. It seems to me Yankees jerk Wang around and only "inform" Wang decision, not "discuss" with him. Yankees should treat Wang more like a veteran, not a rookie.

Thirdly, coach staff don't tell Wang their decisions in person before telling media. That happened many time that Wang was caught by surprise for news when Taiwanese reporters told him and asked his opinion on that. Girardi needs to at least tell Wang first before telling media.

Finally, Yankees should just say what they really think regard of Wang's situation. They should just say they have concerns regard of Wang's velocity. Until he gets his strengths back, they are going to put him in the minor league. Obviously, how Hughes pitches has impact on how Yankees deals with Wang. That gives Yankees more time to get Wang right. But, they claim how Hughes pitch has nothing to do with Wang's spot in the rotation. Yankees also say they will simply put Wang back to rotation once he is ready. That is also the reason they send him to another minor league start as original plan because he is not ready yet. If they tell the truth, why bring him back because of Joba's short outing? If they tell the truth, why say they need to know the condition of Joba before making decision on Wang's next step? Yankees just jerk him around and don't treat him as a veteran.

Ok, let us go back to the decision Yankees makes which brings Wang back. I know Yankees are doing great right now. It seems to me many Yankees fans feel we don't need Wang and we can live without him. I can't disagree with this notion more. Yankees need Wang and need to get him right because Yankees need his long outing he regularly delivery when he is right. Even though Joba and Hughes pitch well, they are 6 inning pitchers at best at this point of their career. They more likely put up those 5 inning outings which eventually will catch up Yankees later in the season. Not to mention both have innings limit.

On top of that, A.J hasn't pitched that great so far and he is an injury prone as well. Pettitte is an old pitcher with a bad shoulder he suffered last season. Finally, are you really to put heavy workload on CC three years in a row when you consider 7 years contract Yankees hand out to him?

That is what I think how Yankees should handle Wang. Before I say it, I want to say one thing. Yankees need to have that no.6 starting pitcher ready in the minor league when there is an injured or ineffective starting pitcher from rotation going down. Not to mention, Joba will hit his inning limit eventually. Yankees should not put Hughes in the bullpen once Wang proves he is ready.

I agree with Yankees bring Wang back to major league. They can't hide him on the DL forever. They need to find out Wang is right or not one way or the other. Pitchers can only pitch at minor league for rehabilitation assignment for 30 days. There are only so much Wang gain from minor league starts. Wang doesn't put on 13 scoreless innings at AAA by accident.

You never know when Wang's velocity will be back. I think the more Wang pitches, the quicker his velocity will be back as long as he is healthy. I believe his velocity will be back to normal when summer comes. Yankees need to find out how Wang pitch against major league hitters anyway. Stop being that superstition.

I will skip Joba next start to make sure he is right. Yankees can limit his innings by doing this. Putting Wang in Joba's spot and let him pitch few innings out of pen to keep him sharp. Yankees also can get an idea when Wang pitches against major league hitters.

After burnig through bullpen on Hughes' and Joba's starts, Yankees need a fresh arm in the bullpen anyway. When Joba feels right and comes back, Yankees can put Joba in Hughes' spot. Of course, Let Hughes keeps pitching at AAA to practice his changeup more.

If Yankees ends up with pitching Wang more innings than they would like to tonight, they can rest Aceves for next few days and prepare for that start. Or they can simply let Joba makes that start if he feels right.

Again, I understand the concerns Yankees have on Wang's velocity, accidents forces Yankees to make adjustments on the fly and three terrible outings Wang put on earlier season. But, Yankees really should communicate and deal with this situation better to show Wang more respect.


dannyzupl8 said...

I heard francesa say today that Bruney is still injured. He might not be available to pitch this weekend

Jessica Lee said...

You are right about this information. I heard that on ESPN radio as well.

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