Tuesday, May 5, 2009

a disappointed but satisfied game

The Yankees has lost four games in a row to Red Sox that certainly anger many Yankees fans. However, it all depends on how they lost those games in my opinion. Yes, Yankees did lost to Red Sox again. They may also lose Posada to hamstring injury for any extend period of time. If I have to guess now, I will say it is probably a month.

However, there are few good things happening in this game. First of all, I thought Hughes and Aceves pitch decently that is a good sign.

Secondly, Teixeira hits two home runs. If we get Texieira going, we will be fine, especially when you consider A-Rod will be back soon. This certainly can abort the lost of Posada's bat in the lineup. Of course we don't want to hear someone getting hurt. If we must have injury, it certainly is better to have now than later. When you consider Posada's shoulder, let him rest more during early part of season may help for stretch run. Don't forget we will get Nady back eventually.

Thirdly, we just took two out of three against Angels. If we can win tomorrow game which will be started by Joba, we will split the two-games series against Red Sox. It is certainly not great. But, put things in perspectives, we are in the brutal part of schedule which have many road games and play against tough teams. When you consider so many things going on in the Yankeesland and no one runs away with title in this AL East division.

Fourthly, bullpen did pitches well today against Red Sox and we do have Aceves as a long man to eat some innings that avoid us from burning bullpen again. On top of that, Red Sox may not have Papelbon available tomorrow.

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