Friday, May 22, 2009

Wang will stay with Yankees because of Joba's injury

Joba was hit by a pitch. Because of that, Yankees bullpen has to pick up almost the whole game. Based on many Taiwanese news outlets, Yankees decide to let Wang stay with the team and prepare to pitch out of bullpen for upcoming series against Phillies.

I know most New York media report Wang will go to SWB to pitch one more minor league game. However, Taiwanese reporters confirm this new with Wang that is what I read from Taiwanese news. Wang said he will do his best to pitch as well as he can no matter where he is and what kind of role he will be put into. Taiwanese news outlets report Yankees call back Wang after Joba get hit by a pitch and has to leave the game.

I guess we will know whether this news is right or not tomorrow. I just to want to share this news with you guys. If the news is not right, don't blame me. I don't try to make up news, I just tell you guys what I read from Taiwanese websites.


MJB said...

i hope you're right. i thought it was a terrible idea to send Wang down for another start. Maybe coming out of the bullpen is a great way to get Wang back.

Jessica Lee said...

I guess we will know this news is true or not pretty soon.

Anonymous said...

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