Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Curtis Granderson and Brian Bruney trades

It seems Yankees never stay still during any point of season, including off-season and playoffs. This certainly gives Yankees fans many things to talk about and have chances to love Yankees more which is a good thing.

There is no exception this off-season as well.

As for Brian Bruney trade, I really can't say I will miss him because it seems to me he always walks tons of guys that is a big no-no for me to a pitcher. I rather pitchers to give up hits than walking guys.

As for Curtis Granderson trade, my first reaction is Yankees giving up a little bit too much for him. Personally, I won't give up Austin Jackson for him. That being saying, I will rather Yankees have him than giving another big long term contract to relative older players, such as Jason Bay and Matt Holliday. Of course, I know they are much better overall players than Curtis Granderson. But, at some point, you have to ask how many long term contracts Yankees want to tie to for at least next 5 years.

I don't know prospects good enough to say which team gets the best deal out of this three-way trade. However, no one knows for sure how all the prospects will turn out to be.

If what Brian Cashman says is true which Yankees’ priority this off-season is pitching and a left fielder with no-so-firm fewer pay roll on hand, I think this deal means few things. First of all, I think this deal pretty much closes door on Jason Bay and Matt Holliday. Brian Cashman always likes to have flexibility. I don’t think he will go out to give another long term deal.

As for Johnny Damon, Yankees probably gain some leverages during negotiation. If Damon asks more than 2 year deal which I won’t give to him, I can see Yankees go to lesser players in order to add some depth. As we see this season, Melky and Gardner can handle the platoon situation. That being saying, Damon is a good fit to no.2 spot as DH and plays some games at the left field in order to give DH spot for Posada, Jeter, A-Rod and Teixeira once a while.

Brian Cashman probably focuses on starting pitchers and bench players from this point on. However, I think this deal may have an impact on Roy Halladay deal for couple of reasons. Of course, I assume Yankees will get Pettitte’s deal done at some point of this off-season.

Firstly, I don’t think Cashman is willing to give up prospects and giving another big long term contract to a pitcher after signing AJ and CC the past off-season. As history shows, there is a big risk to give any pitcher a long term contract. One will think two long term contracts to pitchers will be enough. I know Roy Halladay is an ACE, but he will be 33 year old in 2010. Do you really want to sign him through 37,38?

Secondly, I don’t think Cashman want to give up all good prospects he has at the same off-season after dealing Austin Jackson, Ian Kennedy and Phil Coke. You don’t give up prospects and let him walk at the end of 2010 season. Draft picks mean much less for Yankees than other small market teams. As Girardi shows he can handle the bullpen well, Yankees will need all the pitching depth they have on the higher minor league system to fill up their bullpen and(or) rotation. You can’t deal all of them away.

If I have to guess now, I think Yankees will bet and sign one or two veteran starting pitchers for a short term deal this off-season in order to fill up the end of rotation. Let us wait and see.

Let’s Go Yankees!


dannyzupl8 said...

its going to be interesting to watch the development of the prospects we've given up in the past few years as well as how the 2010 outfield will shape up. Hi Jessica, great post.

Jessica Lee said...

It is certainly interesting to see how Austin Jackson, Ian Kennedy and Phil Coke perform.

MJB said...

The Yankees have given up a lot of good prospects for a lot of mediocre players in the past. Most of the prospects, however, didn't turn out too great, so it was no big loss. The exceptions seem to be Juan Rivera (LAA) and Dioner Navarro (TB). They turned out quite good. Ohlendorf I think had a solid season too. AJax, IPK, and Coke were all pretty good. I would be surprised if AJax turns out as good as Rivera or if IPK matches Ted Lilly, but its possible.

I think these prospects were done a favor by being sent somewhere else where they might get a chance to play. It seems the Yankees gave up on Jackson, and Kennedy wasn't cutting it with the Major League club. Coke was good though.

The big question for me is how good is Granderson going to be in return? Right now, I'd say he's probably the best OF the Yankees have. We'll see how he performs this year. I think its a good deal for the Yankees.