Thursday, December 4, 2008

Abreu leaves Taiwan today

Abreu came to Taiwan few days ago for his own business. He also threw out ceremony first pitch in Taiwanese high school tournament and went to one of high school baseball team for a lecture with young players to share his experience. Of course, Wang was a host to Abreu and took him around somewhere in Taiwan. For some amazing reasons, Wang was able to do it without getting caught by media.

When Abreu just arrived in Taiwan at airport station, Abreu said he is happy because he is going to meet his boy(Wang). He also said he hopes to stay with Yankees, but has to wait and see what happen in the free agent market.

By the way, Wang has a busy half month for commercial and charity events. He stays at home for his rehab and personal training that begins in December. Once he gets the documents he needs for visa, he is going to go to Arizon for personal training.


MJB said...

I have mixed feelings about Abreu coming back. Since the Yankees didn't offer arbitration, he'd come back at reduced price, which is good. I think he's a good hitter, good RBI numbers, good base runner: more positives.

However, I think they need Gardner in CF because Damon is so old. So the outfield could become crowded if Abreu comes back. Damon, Matsui, Gardner, Abreu, Nady, Melky(?). Depth is nice though, so maybe they can figure something out...or maybe if they can sign Abreu, someone will get traded. It should be interesting next several weeks!

Todd Drew said...

I hope Bobby comes back, too.

Jessica Lee said...

I don't mind Yankees get Abreu back, but at reasonable price and years. I won't give him more than 2 years and certainly not at 16 million a year.

If I don't make mistakes, we have more options to choose from for outfielders after 2009 season. Not to mention we may have Austin Jackson ready for 2010.

Anonymous said...

I get the feeling that they will wait out the market. They have to sign a corner outfielder. And there are a plethora of decent to great ones out there. From Dunn to Ibanez to Ramirez to Abreu and a few more.

Jessica Lee said...

I am not sure Yankees need another corner outfielder. I think they need a centerfielder. However, I do think they need another impact bat to protect A-Rod.