Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I actually don't understand the difference between Christmas and Thanksgiving. If someone can help me out for that, I will be very appreciated at that.

Christmas and Thanksgiving for me are like my Chinese New Year. I actually feel Christmas is much closer to equal to Chinese New Year than Thanksgiving. Chinese New Year is a big holiday for Taiwanese. Family members get together, clean the whole house, play cards and eat tons of food. It sounds like Christmas or Thanksgiving to me. Taiwanese use Chinese New Year to reflect what happen to the whole year and look forward to the new Year.

My wish about Yankees? The same I had last year. I hope Yankees have an injury-free 2009 season. It seems to me this is a pipe dream for Yankees for a long long time.


Anonymous said...

OMG Jessica.. its not even worth explaining... its really just about letting the kids have fun, being with your family, and the rampant commercialism of the holiday season. You don't need to know much else about American holidays.. its about spending money, and stuffing your face!! lol
I don't know much of your culture, so I have like zero points of reference to explain it to you, but I hope these links give at least a decent overview. I'm too lazy to do it!

Jessica Lee said...

Ha! I am just curious. I stayed in America for few years, but I still couldn't quite understand the differences.

You may be right. The problems for Asian people is we think too much. You are right. Holiday is for kids to have fun with family.

Great explain. Thanks for links, but I like your answer.

MJB said...

Hi Jessica,

Thanksgiving is like Chinese Moon Festival. Its like a harvest festival in the Fall. Lots of eating!! Instead of moon cake, we have turkey and pumpkin pie! Yummy:)

Like Thanksgiving, Christmas is a big family holiday, so maybe closer to Chinese New Year than Thanksgiving. Technically, Christmas is a Christian holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. However, in America, most people see it as a time for, family, food, drink, togetherness and giving (hence, all the presents!)....others find it very stressful and depressing.

True to American style, Christmas is also very important as an economic indicator. Many businesses depend on people buying and spending lots of money during this season, and can be used to determine the state of the economy. This year: not so good!

At least there is still family, friends, and the Yankees!! Maybe the Yankees will get a nice gift of C.C. and other great free agents!

Jessica Lee said...

Thanks for those information, MJB.

You explain the things clearly and very well. You answer the questions I have for a while.