Saturday, November 29, 2008

Don't disappoint me, Andy

I will be extremely disappointed if Andy go to Dodgers. Actually, I will be more disappointed at seeing Andy to leave than losing CC to one of teams in California. I hope what I heard so far regard of Andy with Dodgers is just the game Andy and his agent play as a leverage for free agent. Just like Posada and Mo did a year ago at the same time. I know loyalty is two way street, but Andy need to put Yankees fans in this equation if what I heard and what I saw from Andy Pettitte is really what he meant.

I don't believe Yankees haven't made an offer to Andy. If Yankees don't think they can get him back, they would just offer arbitration to him like Abreu. I understand loyalty is two way street and players need to get most out of their short career. That's why I don't mind players go to somewhere are willing to pay them much more. However, Andy always keeps saying how much he loves our Yankees fans and playing for Yankees, especially for the opportunity of playing in New Yankees stadium. He also does not care money. That's why how much more loves he gets from Yankees fans. If Andy means what he says, I will be extremely disappointed if Andy goes to Dodgers.

Of course, the offer Yankees made certainly is less than 16 million Pettitte made. Again, Pettitte don't care about money, right? A lot of players say they love to stay at their own teams, but they don't say they don't care about money. Some of them are willing to take less money to stay that certainly shows what they mean, such as Lowell, Peavy, etc.

I understand money for players sometimes show how much teams want to keep them or respect. However, it sometimes just reflects performance. The same thing happen to our regular people. When we get more experience and perform better or make less mistakes on our jobs, we get paid more. I don't get the notion about Pettitte doesn't want to get a pay cut. Pettitte has leverage two years in a row to get his 16 million salary or a multi-year contract. It's his choice not to get a multi-year contract. I am pretty sure if he wants to he can get one from Yankees two years in a row. So, he can't blame Yankees to use that leverage now and want him to take a pay cut.

Not a big free agent sign with teams yet. A lot of free agents even haven't get an offer from teams, so Pettitte can't blame Yankees don't show enough love or respect to him. Not to mention how much support he get from Yankees and Yankees fans during his HGH events.

I love Andy and want him back. I also believe he will have a bound back year in 2009. Hopefully, he won't disappoint me.


Anonymous said...

I AGREE with everything you said here. I'm disappointed with a lot of Yankee fans I got a chance to talk to when I was back home in NY this weekend. People are down on Andy due to the bad last half. But his stats remained very consistent...
sorry it took me so long to comment this 1.. I try to read everything new since I've been here though, lol.

Jessica Lee said...

Don't worry. It's a holiday for family. We love baseball and Yankees, but we still have our life going.

I sometimes don't understand why so many people don't get lesson about not reacting to what players perform the latest season. Players perform differently from year to year. They perform badly this season. It doesn't mean they can't perform well next season, such as Mussina. The way to judge is to believe what we saw the past three seasons from that player.