Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Red Sox talk about Manny again

Just in case you miss it, ESPN has another new story regard of Red Sox and Manny. Everyone knows the relationship between Red Sox and ESPN, so it's safe to say Red Sox leak out those information to ESPN. I don't understand what Red Sox is doing. What is the point of talking about this now? Sometimes, I don't understand why Red Sox destroy any relationship with almost every former employees.

If Red Sox felt they need to let people understand what Manny did that lead to that trade, I can understand. However, this is not the first time Manny has this problem. They kept putting up with what Manny did again and again. That's why Manny kept doing this to them. In anther words, Red Sox can only blame themselves for this. Asian people always say there must be something wrong with parents when their children make the same mistake again.

Let us just assume everything they say about Manny is correct which I doubt. I have so many true stories happened to me with other persons. I was in Manny-like position before. The other party keep spreading around the wrong information and everyone say I am wrong. I am the one doesn't like to explain myself, especially when I was misunderstood by family, friends or people I don't know. The people know the truth are Manny, Red Sox players and front office.

Why Red Sox keep leaking out so many Manny stories now? Are they afraid of Yankees signing Manny? Otherwise, What is the point of doing this now?


Anonymous said...

The red sox are a great organization. They are great at unloading malcontents, and declining players. The Yankees ought to take notes on how to run a team, and the media. Hankenstein does no good by tipping his hand about Sabbathia, while the Red sox completely control the spin, and media, regarfing their organization.

Jessica Lee said...

From business point of view, you are right. They make a lot of decisions without sentiment.

However, That's also part of reasons I love Yankees because it seems Yankees players and front office always are classy act.

They are honest with media, take care of their own players very well and not bad-mouth everyone.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong for Hank to express his opinion to media. Any sport team can't live with fans. Fans have rights to know anything related to their favorite team.

Even if Hank does nothing to media, everyone knows we need CC. There is no leverage to gain even though Yankees front office lie about that to media because the situation is so obvious. On top of that, I think Cashman and Hal get Hank more under control recently.

Anonymous said...

if you consider classy keeping a poor defensive shortstop, overpaying for a primadonna third basemen, who quit the team, and would have took less to come to us, having no legitmate centerfielder, having a lazy second baseman, having no semblance of a pitching staff, overworking, and injuring a hall of fame closer, signing a know steroid using firstbaseman, losing your best conrner outfielder, and mismanaging your left fielder by playing him when clearly injured, who has now had 3 2urgeries in 2 years, and now has to DH.. REALLLY CLASSY ORGANIZATION!!! IM JEEALOUS!! NOT TO MENTION YOU OVEROPAY AND BRIBE FREE AGENTS TO JOIN YOUR EVIL EMPIRE. Yanks will never win another title. You would love to have theo running things

Anonymous said...

How many championships have you won in the last 1oo years buddy ? We have 26. THAT is a model organization. The ends will eventually justify the means, the Yankees will be back atop baseball soon. Oh.. and Jessica does my link work yet???

Jessica Lee said...

I don't know two anonymous are the same person or not. If you don't mind, you can use name/url, I can know who I talk to. Of course, you don't have to use real name. It's up to you.

I believe you are a Red Sox fan. I know it's very hard to let us agree with each other on anything.

However, you don't have to attack me because I don't attack Red Sox.

I just feel no matter how bad Manny's behaviors are, he brought you guys two titles. I just don't understand the reasons for Red Sox to keep talking those old stories now. Why Red Sox need to destroy any relationship with the players left the team? Not to mention to do this to a guy brought two titles to you guys. For example, Yankees don't bad-mouth about Pavano even though Pavano didn't do anything to us. He recently even said some bad things about Yankees. As a Yankees fan, I hate him. But Yankees don't say any bad thing about him. I prefer the way Yankees deal with those issues instead of Red Sox's way.

Of course, Red Sox front office make a lot of smart decisions without sentiment, only based on business point of view. As a Yankees fan, I am glad we keep Derek Jeter, Mo and Posada. I can't image to watch them playing for another team. I know Red Sox doesn't want to bring your captain back. Not to mention you guys think about trading Lowell and sign Teixeira after Lowell won a MVP and a title for you guys and signing with you guys at a cheaper price. I am sure you guys won't resign Oritz once he start declining. From business point of view, those are right decisions. You can have your choice. However, as a fan, I like the way Yankees run the team.

Every GM makes mistakes, including Theo. When we sign Pavano, you guys get matt clement as well. Not to mention Lugo and CoCo Crisp. No doubt, Theo run Red Sox very sucessfully. However, since 1998, Cashman has led Yankees to playoffs every year until this year, including two titles and playing in four world series.

No doubt Yankees are in transition now. No doubt Pedroia has a great season when Cano has a down year. I believe Cano will bounce back next season. When we are going to have a young center fielder, you guys are going to have a young center fielder as well. No doubt Mo was injured. However, he still has a better season than Papelbon. Mo saves 39 out of 40 with 1.40 ERA when Papelbon saves 41 out of 46 with 2.34 ERA. I am not going through every position with you. I just feel you over exaggerate Yankees flaws when ignore yours. Every team has flaws, including Red Sox.

Never say something never will happen. We will see in 2009 season. In the end, there is no difference between Yankees and Red Sox in 2008 because Phillies won it all when we all don't.

Athletes only have 10 to 15 years to make most out of. In the end, how much you are willing to pay them that present how much you want that player to join you. There is nothing wrong for us to show players how much we want them to join us. If they really don't like us, they can turn that offer down and sign with other team, like Greg Maddux.

Jessica Lee said...

yes, your link works this time.