Monday, December 8, 2008

What CC is waiting for?

Someone will sign with some teams soon, right? I actually don't mind Yankees front office and Brian Cashman being patience because impatience is not good for negotiation. I also believe Brian Cashman and Yankees front office negotiate with all free agents they are interested in at the same time. I don't believe they need to know where CC goes to decide the next step because Yankee need not only more than one starting pitcher but also an impact bat.

However, I don't understand what CC and his camp is waiting for. The longer they wait, the worse they look. First of all, CC said he won't drag this process too long, but it has been almost a month. We all have a dream job in our mind when we look for a job, but we won't sit there forever to wait for that dream job. When our dream job call us, most people will jump on at first opportunity.

If those teams in California would make an offer to CC, they would do it already. When teams don't want to spend or don't have money to spend, they won't suddenly have that money or be willing to spend. As a producer, we won't spend money on areas don't need even though we have money left. The same thing goes to teams try to upgrade their teams.

There are only two things I can think of regard of what CC and his camp is waiting for. First of all, they are waiting teams CC wants to pitch to to make an offer. Obviously, that team CC wants to pitch to hasn't showed up, otherwise CC would sign with them already. At least, that team CC wants to pitch to doesn't want to meet to Yankees' offer which is 6 years for 140 million. If CC wants to pitch to that team this badly and doesn't care about money, he may just reject Yankees' offer and then he can have teams he wants to pitch to bid for him at less money. If CC wants to pitch to that team at breaking-record offer, he may forget it and accept Yankees' offer. The longer he waits, the more Yankees fans get pissed off.

Secondly, they are waiting for more money. There are only few big market teams can offer CC this kind of deal. I don't think Mets can have another pitcher to make that much money. We all know LA Dodgers and LAA's stand when Boston need offense more than pitching. On top of that, Cubs wait for new boss when White Sox go on transition mode. Who is going to bid with Yankees? If no one bid against Yankees, they are not getting more money by waiting.


Anonymous said...

I hope the Winter Meetings going on right now in Las Vegas will produce some baseball news. Once again, great writing here, you mirrored everything I'm thinking about the situation. Although, I think that they had a meeting, he and his agents just had at the Pacquiao vs De La Hoya fight with Cashman and the Yankee delegation. I'm sure they are all on the same page now.

This is the biggest decision of Sabbathia's career thus far, and it is huge for his family as well. I'm just going to be patient. Its my arrogance as a Yankee fan, that demands he accept our offer right away! But, I'm just eating my humble pie and waiting... lol

As a producer, you don't spend money to improve the film? Do you pocket it instead? : )

I heard that the Brewers are willing to restructure their offer to three years, and more money each year, with a three year opt-out clause, like Burnett got.

Jessica Lee said...

I don't think this is about the arrogance of a Yankees fan. No matter which team you root for, you always want to hear players want to play for you. It just like when we always have to say we love to work for them during job interview.

I am the one always makes decision fairly quickly when I have patience to spend a lot of time on my jobs.

As a producer, we always try to improve our projects, but we spend money on areas that need to fix. You don't spend money on the areas that are no need to fix.

We have our meeting for budget and decide where the resources and money go. That being said, we leave some money for emergence because we never know what will happen.

Producers not only need to produce good projects but also make profits for investors. We try to work with investors for many projects by producing good projects and profits.

Jessica Lee said...

I guess what I try to say is producers' job is not spending all budget they have for their projects. We have to try to balance between projects and profits. We try to work with investors for a long long time, not for one project.