Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Papelbon to Yankees after 2011?

Before I say anything, my answer is a big fat no.

No one know the future, but people always like to look ahead and try to predict the future. There are few interesting stories on Yankeesland ahead of us. After 2009, Damon, Matsui and Nady all become free agent. After 2010, Jeter and Mo enter free agency market again while Joe Girardi's contract will be expired. After 2011, Wang becomes free agent and CC will have his opt out clause. On top of that, Brian Cashman's contract will be expired.

Along the way, Roy Halladay will be available after 2010. How about Papelbon? He will become free agent after 2011 season. WEEI has a good story regard of Papelbon's contract situation after Red Sox gave out extension to Pedroia and Youkilis. Based on what I heard and saw Papelbon playing and how he acts, My answer is a big fat no about the idea of getting Papelbon to Yankees after 2011 no matter how Mo's situation plays out. I believe Mo still can pitch few more years. I don't want to see Mo leaving. After Mo, we will find our new closer. K-Rod and Papelbon are players I don't want on my Yankees team.

These two quotes from Papelbon from that story says it all about his personality,

“I’ve got a lot of money to be made in this game, whether it’s with Boston or not. My goal is to make sure I’m ready to play every day and to make money, and you can’t make money if you’re sitting on the bench. That’s the way I look at it.”

"For me, it’s a thing if I can benefit well from it and the Red Sox can benefit well from it, then I’ll do it. But if I’m not going to benefit . . . I think both parties have to be happy"

I know playing baseball is one kind of jobs. Everyone does his job to make money. However, you have to love what you do. I love players who simply loves to play baseball and passionate about winning ball game, not just about money.

In the end, the article sums it up very well regard that Papelbon wants to get paid more than Mo.

But there is a reason Rivera got his $15 million, because he represents more than just saves. The Yankees paid him for being good now, but also for being the best-ever for a team with the most money. There were other factors in play. Papelbon feels he has his own factors.

It is a unique case for a unique player.

I don't even bother to discuss or start comparison between Mo and Papelbon.

The funny thing is everyone keep saying Red Sox team have a good chemistry going among players. They play like a team unliky Yankees. I don't want player who cares about his personal stats and contract more than winning a baseball game.


Anonymous said...

I actually posted about this on a Yankee forum. I was in favor of signing the kid. He is going to be remembered as a Yankee killer, should he have the chance to spend a career in Boston.

I hate him as an opponent, but I'd love him on the team I root for. He's passionate, and fiery. Those are great in a closer, obviously. They help because you really need to generate a great deal of adrenaline in the pressure spots, and cannot back down.

To me, he's the closest thing to Mo in the game right now. He is a lock-down closer, and will often make the 3+out save.

I saw him quoted as being not all that willing to take a hometown discount from Boston, and you found that quote as well. He IS about the money! And he didn't mince words when he discussed hist contract situation.

But as you said.. Mo has a few more years left, and has in my opionion, just posted his best statistical season, especially if you leave out the tie game anomaly.

Jessica, I think its noble how you only root for the choir boys and the guys that are super dedicated to their team ;)...but not me! He could be a bank robber, and I wouldn't mind.

Jessica Lee said...

This is the difference of the culture of watching professional baseball between Americans and Taiwanese. If I don't make mistakes, most Asian people like that.

America is a huge country. People root for their local teams. I remember I asked a stupid question to an American in Los Angeles. I asked him which team he roots for. He looked at me at funny face and answered "Dodgers". Ha!

In Asian countries, we are not in big territory. People don't always root for local teams. People start rooting their teams because certain players. Players rarely change their team. Most players only change team when team don't resign them because of fans. But, if team do that, they are going to get killed by fans. Most players will choose to retire if they feel they can't help out the team anymore or can't complete the high level.

Teams build different kind of teams with different cultures. Players on the same team usually have similar personalities and play the game on certain way. After starting root certain player because of his style, personality and the way of playing game, only so few people change their teams no matter how many games they lost.

That's the difference between you and me. I understand why you guys have different opinion than me because of culture. I still try to get used to see players coming and going on the Yankees even though I always tell myself to treat that rationally.

However, I love the way Yankees play the game and how most Yankees act on and off field. It won't change even though Wang leave the team one day because I understand there is business side of baseball and Yankees may not need Wang anymore one day. As a Taiwanese, I always root for any Taiwanese player to do well. But, my team is Yankees.

I am just kind of curious about what will happen to Hideki Matsui after 2009 and Wang after 2011. Because they all have played in MLB many years, they certainly understand this culture and adapt to it. Just like I change part of personality during the time I stay in other countries many years. That being said, there is something never changing.

My gut feeling is Matsui may choose to go back to his Japan team. Wang may choose to stay with Yankees if he can stay healthy enough to let Yankees make him a reasonable offer. Of course, If Yankees don't need him anymore, that's another story.

Jessica Lee said...

I really need edit button on comment section.

Players rarely change their team because of fans. Most players only change team when team don't resign them.

MJB said...

I don't know much about Papelbon -- your quotes provide more than I probably already knew -- but from what I have heard of him...he seems like a jerk. Maybe its because he's a Red Sock, maybe its just my decreasing # of brain cells failing to be able to keep track of what kind of guy Pap really is...but when I think of Jon Papelbon, I can't help but be reminded of John Rocker. Talented yes, but an a-hole. Talented jerks.

Sorry if I'm way off base here... because I really don't follow the Red Sox any more than I have to.

Also, pardon my "French".

I know there are a lot of Yankee fans who feel the team should acquire the most talented players possible (there is nothing wrong with thinking this), but I think that chemistry is more valuable than trying to create a All-Star team in the Bronx. Its the same take I have on all the Manny talk. Forget these guys! I dont want them on the Yankees, regardless of how good they are.

Jessica Lee said...

I am not so sure about "chemistry" problem, but I agree we don't need to have a All-Star team.

Papelbon is just not the kind of player I will root for no matter which team he is. The way he acts on and off-field.

The reason I don't against Yankees to get Manny is I am not sure how many true stories Red Sox tells us and how many his teammates actually hate him. The front office of Red Sox may hate him, but I am not sure about his teammates.

Anonymous said...

He's a grown @$$ man.. If he chooses to wear his emotions on his sleeves, then by all means, let him! I think its easier to back guys like Papelbon, then more soft spoken guys. I play baseball, I like to play with people that are really passionate. I'm quiet, and reserved off the field, but when I get a big hit, or make a big play, I'm an animal, lol..I get primal. I relate to that emotional release. And as talented as he is, you'd have to want him off the Red Sox if you could do so. I'll be the devil's advocate here..np taking up the contrarian POV..thanks 4 readin..

Jessica Lee said...

I always think players who don't wear their emotions on their sleeves, it really doesn't mean they don't care. People all have different personality.

I always believe actions speak louder. It all depends on how much efforts you put into. I know sometimes it's hard to read when people don't say much.

In fact, Compare to most Asian people, I actually show more emotions and express myself more than most of them.

I met a lot of friends in America like you, Danny. I love that kind of personality.

Because of my culture background, I always like players who act classic more.

I agree with you. I would like to see him off Red Sox, but it doesn't have to come to Yankees. There are 28 teams out there.

Don't worry about different opinion. I like it. This is a place to exchange different opinion. I like to hear that and think about it. Taiwanese people believe we always can learn something from someone.

Anonymous said...

Because of my culture background, I always like players who act classic more.

I think you mean "classy"

Because of my culture background, I always like players who act classic more.

"cultural background" ?

I agree with you. I would like to see him off Red Sox, but it doesn't have to come to Yankees. There are 28 teams out there.

There are "30 teams"

In fact, Compare to most Asian people,


I don't like to correct people though. Sorry..there were a few more, but I stopped. I get upset when people correct me.

And thanks for understanding my point of view. I don't dislike guys like Wang, or Jeter. But its almost like players like Joba, and Papelbon, or K-Rod are trying to get me to be their fans! lol.. It takes awhile for passive players to win me over. Thats all.

Jessica Lee said...

No, I won't feel upset about it. I really need to keep improving my English. Please point out them for me if you have free time. I will learn more at much quick pace if someone points out mistakes for me.

"But its almost like players like Joba, and Papelbon, or K-Rod are trying to get me to be their fans!"

This is an interesting point. I like it. well said.

People always like more personal stories. I guess that's why you feel that way.

Anonymous said...

ok that's fine, i just added up many another emo backgrounds in my blog

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