Friday, January 16, 2009

I miss you and will remember everything you said, Todd Drew

Talking about life. You never know what will happen next. That's why you always have to appreciate what you have. The preview post is about new born baby. Now, I write about the sad news about Todd Drew.

Making friends is one of main reasons for me to start blogging. Todd is one of friends I met through this blog. We have never met each other. I probably say this before. One of my wishes is to meet all friends from my blog at Yankees stadium. Unfortunately, I have to do this without Todd.

The last time Todd left comment on my blog was December 14th which few days before he knew he got a cancer, he wrote,
Todd Drew said...

The rotation is looking very good indeed. I feel this is going to be a Cy Young year for Wang.

Later on, he posted his last post about baseball and him on December 22th. If you guys have chances, please go to his blog(Yankees For Justice) to read his writing. I always told Todd he got incredible and amazing ability of writing. But, this is not the thing I remember him the most. The most I remember him is his upbeat and friendly personality.

I remember I told him I will regret not to be at old Yankees stadium at least one time. Todd asked me to go and not to worry about anything. He would get tickets and everything else ready for me. Now, I really regret not to go because I will at least meet Todd once, not because of old Yankees stadium.

I started blogging back to May 2007. At the beginning, one event happened and made me almost give up blogging. Todd encouraged me and gave the supports I need to keep blogging.

Rest in Peace, Todd Drew. I always will remember you and what you said to me.


Anonymous said...

Sorry that you lost a friend.

yanks26 said...

I thought of you when I read that Todd had died. I know he was a big supporter of you and your site. I will be going to the memorial tomorrow. You will be represented.

Shin Ye Qui Lo

Jessica Lee said...

Thank you so much for doing that. I really wish I can be there.

yanks26 said...

I did go to the memorial and I was overwhelmed by the genuine quality of Todd Drew. Many people spoke about Todd's life. I wish I had met him and been able to go to a game with him.

Jessica Lee said...

Me too. I wish I went to Yankees game last year.