Monday, February 1, 2010

Goodbye, Damon

I know I haven’t updated my blog for a long time. However, as you guys know, January and February are slow months in terms of baseball news.

Ok, Yankees sign Randy Winn for 2 million and close the door for Johnny Damon’s return officially. I don’t know whose fault for this because I don’t involve in negotiation.

Based on my negotiation experience, it is really hard to figure out why because there are too many parties with too many moving parts during the negotiation. Not to mention, we all try to test opponent’s bottom line.

I am fine with Yankees upgrading their defense by bring in Randy Winn. However, the result is lose-lose situation for both parties. I stick to my point: Yankees will regret not to bring back one of Damon or Matsui back this season.

I hope I am wrong about that. Let’s Go Yankees!


MJB said...

I agree. If they wanted D in LF, they already have it in Gardner. If they wanted O, then they lost it by not signing Damon or Matsui. Winn is not an upgrade for D or O, but he's well-rounded and versatile, which is good sometimes too. Though, wouldn't Hairston be even more versatile?

The best thing that I can see coming of the off-season outfield moves is if this means Swisher sees less playing time in the OF. It could happen if Nick Johnson gets hurt (when?) and then they could go with an all-D outfield (Gardner, Grandy, Winn) and occasionally DH Swish (or bench)...which I believe they should do more even if everyone is healthy.

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